Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Honeymoon in Kona, Hawaii

Paul enjoying enjoying the Kona Brewery
On the balcony

At the Luau
Enjoying the pool
At the State Beach

Paul and decided to fly out Monday morning. So Sunday night we stayed in the suite at the Portofino, which was beautiful. It was three rooms, one them was of course the bathroom. It had one of those old fashioned bath tubs! UHHHHHHHH.. loved it.
Flew out early Monday morning. We rented a convertible, and stayed at the Sheraton Resort and Spa. When we arrived, We didn't start off on the best of terms. We got lost trying to find the hotel, and as we were driving ( with the top down ).. it started to down pour. ( Typical Hawaii! ).. but Thank God the mood lightend up.. The first day we lounged by the pool, and after a few cocktails, took full advantage of their slide that goes into the water! The next ten days were spent hiking to the most incredible, untouched beaches... which by all means, definitly wasn't easy. Your talkin, lava rock and sand dunes. But it was all worth it. Then hiked through Waipeo valley ( theeeee hardest of them all! ).. it is a rainforest, that takes you to waterfalls and a green sanded beach. We rented a Harley for a day, and drove all through out the island, hitting a couple of fruit stands and coffee mills. Of course ending it with the Kona Brewery ( Paul's haven! ) A couple days into the trip, I nicknamed Paul " Princess Paula"... let me explain a bit. This was Paul's first real vacation outside of Cailfornia.. everywhere I have ever gone, I like to explore. When Paul realized that, we had to come to a compromise because his idea of vacation doesn't include anykind of physical endurance besides lifting a cocktail to his mouth. So we would trade days as to who would decide what we would do. Funny it came to Paul's choosing, and he decided that we should spend a morning at the spa. Which was fabulous!! We soaked in hot tub that sat on a cliff over looking the water, and then had side by side massages with hot stones. It was wonderful. We enjoyed a Luau and every sunset! Drank the greatest wines, and ate delicious food. Caught up on some reading, and really, enjoyed one another.
This entire experience was beautiful, and something we will always cherish.. but thankful we are able to move on to the next chapter of our lives together.. MAKIN BABIES! ... and we are having much fun practicing :)

WEDDING DAY November 17th 2007

I woke up to my baby sister saying " your marrying our Paul Michael." That was the start of the most perfect day. It followed with our Makeup Artist and Hair Dresser arriving at 9 am sharp. As everyone got their makeup and hair done, I was able to take a breath on our balcony that overlooked the water. After about 1pm, thats when it got a bit hectic. The girls arrived with their hair and makeup done, wearing their sweat suits I had given them the night before. I slipped my dress on, and was takin to the lobby for some pictures. Then, met all the girls to do pictures with them. This was when we learned not enough bouquets were made... OMG! Not too panic, it worked out! Going to the church, I didn't let any of the girls touch any kind of liquid ( Paul and I are known to have the worse luck, and with a few other happenings that day, it was almost in my fate to have something spilled on my white dess! ) As we turned the corner on Silver Spur, we all were holding hands, and I took a deep, almost crying breath thinking ( OMG.. I AM GETTING MARRIED! )
We arrived to the church just minutes before the ceremony was to start, and when I saw my Dad.. I almost lost it! BUT I OVERCAME it.. and as soon as the doors opened, ironically out of the 240 people that were crowded in the church, the only I one I saw was Him... " our Paul Michael." It was the most perfect day of our lives ( so far )... and we wouldn't have changed A THING! We had the mot amazing people standing behind us. We are so thankful to have such amazing friends.. each one of them we consider family! Thanks to all of them for their love and support!
The reception following was just as beautiful as the ceremony. It was our perfect day. One that we will forever cherish.
~~~~~~Thank You Dad for all of your love and support, and portraying such a perfect example of what a man is too be. I found my prince, and married him!~~~~~~

Rehearsal and Dinner November 16th 2007

We had our Rehearsal at 5pm at the Church we were married in. It was quite interesting rehearsing with such a large group of people... but it was much fun! Tara, my Dad's better half! hosted the Dinner at "Splash " which is in the Crown Plaza. It was absolutly beautful. Everyone enjoyed the piano, dinner, and talking about the next day that was too come! Paul gave his groomsmen their favorite bottles of alcohol and I gave my bridesmaids jewlery, and sweat suits with their names and " Its Bridesmaid Bitch " printed on the back of their jackets! Its was very cute! My godmother teamed up with my Dad in search for the pearls my Mom collected before her passing. My parents favorite restaurant was Tony's on the Pier.. and after they would eat there.. they would go to a pearl shop below, and crack open a oyster ( or two! )... and she always said she was collecting enough pearls for her girls. Well, my Aunt gathered them up, and did just what my Mom always wanted to do... put them into a earring and necklace set for each of us girls. It was the most precious gift I have ever been given, and I know our Mom smiled down at us in this moment.

Sara and Shamone get married October 27th 2007

Sara ( Paul's cousin ) and Shamon became Mr. and Mrs. on Ocotber 27th in Santa Monica. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception. Of course Paul and I had the greatest time dancing!!!.. as we always do. We felt honored to be apart of such a special occassion for the both of them.

Paul gets his Harley October 2007

Owning a Harley that he now calls his " personal bike ".. Paul went through a 6 week course with a Motor Officer, and then a two week course with LAPD ( missed him to pieces! ).. and then a 6 week course following with the same Motor Officer.. of whom is now one of our closest friends!!!! It was hard for him, but definitly worth it. He loves his bike!

Baby Jackson is Born October 15th 2007

Our very good friends Brianne and Jimmy announced their pregnancy at Mike and Monica's birthday party, which was a combo of their celebration along with St. Patrick's Day in March. We had about 60 people over, and before everyone arrived, it was just the close group of us. Monica and I noticed Brianne wasn't drinking, and as we began giving her a hard time for it, Monica then said " Are you pregnant or something! "... well it definitly wasn't just " something"!! As tears rolled down her face, she very softly said " maybe! " Nine months later, Paul and I were OH SO LUCKY to be able to see a beautiful human being come into this world. Jackson J. Sola was born just before 2pm on Monday October 15th, 2007 weighing in at 7 pounds and 6 ounces. HE IS PERFECT! I am honored to be his godmother!

Bachlorette Party

WHAT A GREAT NIGHT! My beautiful Maid of Honor planned this night, and it came out perfectly. We started at the Marriot, in their Presidential Suite ( the bed was amazing ).. and got ready for the night. All 13 girls started showing up around 5:30pm. The limo picked us up around 6, and we made our way to a FAB restuaraunt called "Yamashiro" that sits on top of a hill in Hollywood. We had such a beautiful view of Los Angeles. The food was amazing. From there we went to LAX. Its a club that is also located in Hollywood. We danced, drank, laughed, and had a wonderful time.

Bridal Shower September 30th 2007

What a beautiful day! My Aunt Karen, and cousin Tiffany hosted this beautiful event. It was at the Cheese Cake Factory. Everything was perfect from the cake, to the linens, to the food, and to the gifts. It was more then I had ever expected.
Thank You Aunt Karen :)