Thursday, January 03, 2008

We love our Dogs

Triston loves his sister
Here are some pictures of Nicholas ( Fluffy white dog ) Triston ( he is our special boy! He the other white dog, and is thinner ) Tobey ( Yorkie ) and Emma ( She is our brown baby ) Our lives would not be the same without them. Everyone says how much things will change when our baby arrives... but, truth be told... they are our babies! We are blessed to have them.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January 3rd : Our first appointment

This was the first day we were able to see our baby via ultrasound. It was pretty amazing. The doctor pointed out a flicker.. which was the heartbeat, and Paul and I were able to learn some interesting information. Our doctor is awesome, and we are looking forward to the next eight months. As of January 3rd, we were six weeks, and three days :) The baby is the size of a blueberry!!!!! Stay tuned for the next ultra sound that will be at our 12th week.

Merry Christmas " We're Pregnant! "

Just the beginning!
Paul and I LOVE Christmas. But this year has topped all five Christmas' we have spent together. I took a home pregnancy test a week before Christmas... so it was our very special gift when it read " Pregnant!" Paul and I are of course, very excited. Chistmas Eve is always spent with my side of the family, and this year it was hosted at my parent's house. That night Paul and I opened our gifts together, because the next morning we were at his parents house for breakfast. Then we fnished the day with kareoke at my Uncle and Aunts house. It was a wonderful holiday :)