Friday, February 27, 2009


Tonight we celebrated one of our good friends birthday. Craig is a officer with Paul. They have worked together in the same detail for some time now.

Grandma and Grandpa babysat Cole, while Mommy and Daddy had a night with their friends.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Our day went on like any other day. Had breakfast, ran some errands, came home and patiently waited for "Daddy."

Cole seemed a little warm when he got up from his first nap, but nothing alarming.

Paul returned from work, and Cole got up from his second nap of the day, and he was now 'very warm.' Warm enough I took his temperature. As Paul and I stood there, reading the thermometer that read ' 101.6 ' I immediately called my Aunt!!! She of course said ' just watch it, don't panic. '

'Don't panic.'

Oh God!!!!

Taking her advice, I don't panic ( at least try not too ) and I am now rocking him in the rocking chair.. just trying to make him comfortable. He was a bit whinny, but wasn't screaming.

Ten minutes later, we take his temp again.

' 102.3 '

Its going up... Paul jumps on the computer, and we are reading what to do when a baby has a high temp.

We undress him, put a cold rag on his head, and Paul goes for the "gold stash!!"

The "gold stash " is saved breast-milk that is specifically for when Cole is sick.

After rubbing him with the cold washcloth, feeding him the breast-milk, and a regular bottle, he is a bit drowsy, and now reallly uncomfortable. Crying.. grabbing my face.. doesn't understand. My poor baby!!!

The highest his temp reached was 102.9.

Scary fever!!!!!!

We continued with the cold washcloth.. gave him some tylenol, I rocked him back and forth, and Paul put on his favorite.. " Barney "

Within 45 minutes his fever began to subside. It slowly went down, but it went down!!!! By 8:00pm he felt a bit warm, but what we read suggested lots of fluids, and lots of sleep.

Needless to say, he slept just fine! As for me, I am exhausted. I slept, well, not at all. Going back and forth from our room to his, constantly checking his forehead, and his back.. making sure the fever wasn't returning.

The morning has come and is almost gone. Cole is back to himself.. smiling, feverless!

Not to forget, Mommy gave up caffeine for Lent!!! Oh so my luck!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What is Ash Wednesday?
What is Lent?

These were questions I found myself asking in the last couple of weeks.


Amazing because, I could have cared less in the past years. I have grown up kind of knowing Lent, and working in the grocery store I would see people with a ash mark across their forehead. Still... no care or concern for what the meaning was. So what is different now?? Its amazing how becoming a parent, you begin to really take interest in those things that at one time meant nothing to you. I have found I'm not only interested, but I dissect, and truly hold on to those things that I hope will give Cole, and my future children, a foundation and stability that I feel only God can give.

Cole to me, is the most beautiful creature on this earth. To think - he came from Paul and I - is even more astounding. There is nothing more beautiful then his smile.. there is nothing more comforting then his hugs, and there is nothing comparable to the love I have for him. I can't help but reflect on the short life my Mother lived. I wish that she were still alive. Being a Mother myself, I have truly come to understand how much she really loved my sisters and I. Growing up.. those moments as a teenager when I thought she was only living to make my life hell..

I would apologize now.

Those moments when I would wake from sleeping, and see her knelt down by my bed in the darkness.. I would turn over thinking " My crazy mom!!"

I would apologize now.

The times she would just randomly tell me that she loved me.. and I would so immaturely think.. " Oh God!"

I would apologize now.

I would not only apologize, but tell her how much I fully understand her love for me and my sisters. Its the love I now have being a Mother. Its a whole new appreciation.

Here I am, on Ash Wednesday, giving caffeine up for Lent. Yes, caffeine. I just spoke with Brianne on the phone and her exact words were " ohhh thats a good one!" Oh man, its a good one. I already found myself thinking ..

'well, maybe there is something else... maybe I don't HAVE to give this up.'

It makes me wonder if this is what Jesus went through in the desert, as he fasted and went without drink, for 40 days and 40 nights. Meanwhile, enduring the heat of the sun.. and Satan's temptation.

Its nothing like what He experienced. There is no comparison to His sacrifice. He was the ultimate sacrifice. Thinking about my Mother's love for me, and my sisters.. the love I have for my son. Unconditional, pure, everlasting love. The kind of love that no matter what he does, or where he is at in his life, my love for him is truly beyond words or even any kind of expression. Being able to understand that love is beyond comprehension. Its the same love God has for His children. Its the same love that gave Jesus the inspiration and drive to withstand those 40 days and nights in the desert. Its the same love that he had when He died. Its the same "unconditional love " He has even now.

The least I can do in honor of Him, is give up caffeine.

Here is a link for those who are interested in the meaning of Lent. It really helped me understand, and grasp the meaning of this special time of year.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is Cole's newest face expression, and we love it!!! He does it all the time, and I think he knows that he is doing it... so he completely plays it!! Which is fine with me, because its so darn cute :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

HAPPY 51st BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! aka " Grandma"

Today we celebrate Mom's 51st Birthday. Jessica and I treated her to a day at the nail spa where she fully enjoyed a Manicure and Pedicure with her favorite daughter-in-laws!! By the evening the babies were ready for bed, so we skipped off to a nice dinner at one of her favorite restaurants... 'Beni Hanna.' where the boys were able to celebrate with her also!

This is Cherrie's first Birthday as a Grandma, so I am sure it was extra special for her. She blesses us each day... we hope we helped her have the nice Birthday that she well deserves.

We love you "Grandma'!!!


Orlando's family was nice enough to host a baby shower for the Ramirez side of the family honoring Shay and Orlando as they prepare to welcome their baby boy into this world.

I am excited for the shower my Aunt, cousin, sisters, and I are hosting for both sides of the family to come together to celebrate our little Benjamin Matthew.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


..and the celebrations begin. Today, we celebrated bride to be ~Courtney Marie! Brianne hosted this beautiful bridal shower at a very close Miretti family friend's home. It was the perfect location for a "Bridal Shower Tea!" Everyone dressed in floral prints, wore big beautiful hats, sipped on delicious tea, and snacked on little cute tea sandwiches.

We wish Courtney well as she enjoys her last months as a " Miretti!!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Cole has two teeth, so here are some pictures of us brushing them for the first time!


We visited the Doctor today for Cole's six month check-up. She said he is "advanced" for being six months old :)
He weighs 16.5 pounds and is 27 inches long. Everything looks perfect!!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Here are a few pictures of Beau with Cole, they seem to like one another a lot!


Yes!!! At only 6 months old, our Cole Michael crawled today. Of course I missed it, its oh so my luck! But, Cole did it just for Mommy as soon as I got home. I was happy for Paul that he was able to witness such a great milestone of Cole's life, as he is at work most of the time and misses a lot of Cole ' firsts.'!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


We skipped town on Thursday February 12th and headed for Vail Lake in Temecula, California. It was our very first trip camping in our trailer, and we couldn't have shared the special experience with better people. We spent the weekend with the Applegates, the Roosen, Turrentine, and Estrada, families, and a few others from TPD AND TFD.

We did a whole lot of eating, a whole lot drinking, sitting by the fire, playing horse shoes and botchie ball, I caught up on some reading, Paul napped and spent time with Cole.. and we enjoyed every minute of hanging out with these great families. We are so blessed to have such great friends. Paul, Cole and I are looking forward to our future camping trips!!!!!


I of course had those famous "naked" pictures, that will one day be so embarrassing for me to show off. haha