Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ten Months Old

Today Cole turns ten months old. Here are some photos that David and Madonna were kind enough to share with us. They were our photographers for our wedding, and we worked with them for my maternity pictures and photos after Cole was born. They are so talented, and great friends. Thanks guys!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Signing the contract.

Tonight Paul and I signed the contract with the construction company we hired for our home renovation.
They will " break ground" Monday morning. According to the contract, the work will be complete in thirty days. We couldn't be more excited or blessed. Stay tuned for pictures ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby's first steps.

Paul was cooking. I was sitting on the kitchen floor with a cold glass of ice tea- my fav! Cole was doing his normal thing. Opening and closing the cupboards, pulling himself up on the stove, going back and forth between Paul and I.

Paul was talking about work as he was cutting up a veggie we were going to eat - and Cole was standing by himself, something he has done for weeks now. We were both looking at him, but still in conversation - our focus wasn't expecting what was about to happen.

Mid sentence Cole took one step, then another towards Daddy. We both screamed!!!!! Cole then cried not understanding our excitement. haha.

Thats two small steps for Cole - but two big steps for this Mommy and Daddy. Congrats Cole Michael! We love you.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Our last bottle together!

We all knew that someday this time would come. I knew this day would come- and it has. Cole has decided he is officially a "big boy" and is done with his night time bottle.

As a Mother, I know its only natural for my baby to grow. But realistically - I am sad. I'm happy and thankful whole heartedly each day that my son is healthy, growing, and developing just as he should; and as the doctor said " is even advanced."

Everyone said "its goes by sooooo fast."

For everyone that doesn't know, that reads this blog - I was MISERABLE being pregnant. I was always sick. I gained over 70 lbs, and no matter what I did I couldn't control it. Little did I know it was because of a disease I was later diagnosed with called PCOS. It was during the summer months, so what felt like a cool 80 degree - Southern California day for all of you - felt like a 145 degree - middle of Iraq day for me. haha! Those last couple of weeks, I was anxious to meet my beautiful baby - but I was also sad that it was no longer going to be just me and him. I carried this little human inside of me for 10 months. I was never alone - I always talked to him, sang to him, and loved feeling him move inside of me. As soon as I met him - my whole world changed. Cole is my EVERYTHING.

I looked back at those pictures of my pregnancy, his birth, and the last almost ten months of his life.. and I cried - sobbed is the better describing word.

All of you who said " time will fly." It has.

As I sat there and watched him take those last sips of his last bottle - it took me back to the day where I gave him his first sips... when I felt like I was going to break him.. and here I am TEN months later, looking down at who is becoming a little boy.

Cole - no matter where you are in life - who you become - or how old you are.. I will always be your Mommy, and you will always be my baby boy. Here is another stage of your babyhood that you are leaving behind.. But when a door closes, a new door opens. I am so thankful God has blessed me with you, and I am able to witness each door that closes for you, and every new one that opens. There are no words that could ever describe my unconditional love for you. You are my greatest gift.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Good Day to BBQ!

This June's first week served its known repuation of JUNE GLOOM to Southern California! It was not only gloomy, but stormy, rainy, and just ugly. So this Sunday, we rose to sunshine and clear skies. Paul suggested we BBQ'd.. and the neighbors agreed. So we pulled out the grills, lawn chairs, and beer - turned up the music, and enjoyed the day. We are lucky to have such a great neighborhood!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Fiesta Time!!!

Tonight we celebrated Eric Applegates 40th Birthday - Fiesta Style! His wife Michelle did a great job hosting the event that included tacos, a margarita machine, lots of friends, and a lovely night wishing Eric the happiest Birthday.

Eric- we wish you another 40 years filled with love, happiness, health, and great times. You and Michelle are such wonderful people. We are blessed to call you both our friends. We love you!

Friday, June 05, 2009

"He's Just Not That Into You."

Paul joined a couple of the boys for some beers.. so I took full advantage of the quiet time since Cole had gone to sleep. I poured myself a glass of good wine, and ordered a movie.

"He's Just Not That Into You"

The movie begins with something that was such a revelation for me.

Women are programed as little girls to think -every boy that hits them, pushes them down, calls them names, and does anything that qualifies as " not nice." is because he likes her. These girls then, turn into women, who still carry that lesson with them through their later years.

For those of my lovely women who read this blog, that are married.. ask yourself this question. "How many jerks did I have to go through until I finally realized, its not the jerk that is marriage material - its the nice guy?! Then you find the nice guy AFTER ALL THOSE JERKS - and you marry him.

Those of you who aren't married - watch the movie. It is such a great lesson to all of us women - who started off in the park, or at school, at 4 or 5 - came across a little snot boy who decided to push us down, and as we run to our Mom's, or Dad's, or whoever - begin the nasty, nasty cycle of why we think its ok for men to treat us like poop later in life.


Watch it, enjoy it, laugh at it, cry with it, but learn from it.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cousin's by chance - Friends by choice

My sister came over today with little Ben. Cole just adores his cousin, and at every chance available wants to kiss him! He doesn't understand yet that Ben can't be on the go with him.. but its still really cute to watch the two interact. Especially since Ben is learning to focus and is beginning to realize there is a whole world around him.

The fun has just begun!

Here are some photos I was able to capture. I am one proud Mama and Auntie!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Beautiful Baby of Mine!

Cole Michael - you are Mommy and Daddy's beautiful baby. I can't get enough of your sweet kisses, your beautiful smile, your little laugh, and your baby blue eyes. You are the sunshine of my life. I will always love you -- Mommy

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Blue Poop?

Since starting Cole on finger food, and graduating him to "people food! " .. there has yet to be something that he does not like. Well, so far he can tell the difference between canned sweet peas, and fresh sweet peas!! Other then that, I can say Cole loves food through and through.

Recently, I have included blueberries into his diet. Sometimes as a little snack, others, with his meal. Well, he LOVES them. Loves them so much that everytime I give him one of those little berries - he smiles ear to ear, dances, and through the whole time chewing says " mmm.. mmm.. mmmm." Grant it, for those of you who have seen him eat once or twice, or more.. this is probably a typical description of my son when it comes to him eating food. But let me say it again, as his Mother who knows her little son inside and out - through and through - HE LOVES BLUEBERRIES.

I think I over did the giving of blueberries.


This evening, after his bath, we were gathered in the living room - typical Tuesday night. Fox news in the backround... I'm in one chair, Paul is in the other. We are winding down from our day, as a family. Paul sniffles his nose, like he smells something.

"Cole pooped."

"Yea, I saw him crawl to his room - he was in there longer then usual so that is probably what he was doing."
( Our son does not like to poop in front of people, including his father and I - he likes to do it privately! )

Walking to his room.. " Ohhh I smell it now." - I think I might have become immune to his smell! haha

The process of this diaper change is going like any other - until...

For all my Mommy's and Daddy's out there ... we all check our children's poop. We have to see what is coming out of them. If its runny, if its too hard, are there foreign objects in the stool..? The reasons can really go on and on.

His poop was blue. BLUE.. Blue like navy, dark, blue. Oh my god - my baby's poop is blue.

Now, he's eaten carrots and its been orange. But c'mon - BLUE POOP.

I'm sure I have many more amazing things ahead of me being a Mom - but this one stopped me right in my tracks.

Blue poop!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Cole's Growth~

Today we visited Cole's new Pediatrician, Dr. Winnie Chung, for his nine month check.

Ears - great!
Mouth - great!
Stomach - great!
Down Below!! - just fine!
Eyes- perfect ( and beautiful - her words, not mine!)

"How is Cole's appetite?"

" He is literally a garbage disposal.. sometimes I feel like he wouldn't stop eating if I didn't make him!! "

"That is perfect.. does he eat strictly finger-food?"

" Yes, and most of it is homemade."

"Great! .. juice? water? formula?"

"Juice and water, yes! Formula - only at night before bed. I just included whole milk and he loves it."

"Why not formula?

"Because he pushes it away."

"Ok, sounds great. Is he grabbing food with two fingers at a time?"

"Yes, and he just learned what my husband and I call 'double fingers' he puts food in one finger and in another so as he is eating he just pushes it from one point to another, like a double wammie!"

Doctor laughs. " So he enjoys his food."

" Oh yes, most definitely."

"Any words?"

"MaMaMaMa, DaDaDaDa, BaBaBaBa .. and he .. for the first time lastnight, said ' DaaaDddddYyyyy! '

"Wow!!!! Any steps?"

"No, he for the first time a couple of days ago, pushed himself up from the floor, and it looks like when he is standing he wants to move his legs.. like he picks up a foot... but hasn't put one in front of another yet."

"Well it sounds like he is close. He seems advanced, healthy, and growing just as he should."

Cole's Growth~~~

Length: 27 inches. He is taller then 70% of most children his age.
Weight : 17.7 lbs. He averages close to 10% his age, and that is because of his height.