Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's New?

Its hard to believe it has been well over a month since I last blogged. Since then, we have completed our home renovation ( besides some touch-ups with the paint.) For those of you who have, and have not, seen our home before the remodel - We had a four bedroom home. Three of which we used as bedrooms, and one we used for our office. We also had a " Mother - in -law quarters " that was connected to the house, but had its own entrance from the backyard.

Since the house was built in 1952, the original home consisted of the front part of the house that was the front three rooms and a area between the current kitchen and the living room, that we used as a bar. Well, we knocked down that room - so now our living space is one big room - with NO odd thing in between!!! We created a double door entry into the back that we are now using as our master bedroom. We built "His and Her" closets.. and blew out the backdoor and window. We replaced both with french doors that open into the backyard. We installed beautiful hard wood floors, did all new paint throughout the house, and hung a new glass backdoor, and also installed a bay window in the kitchen. New granite counter tops, and back splash tile was installed in the kitchen, along with a new sink and faucet - Oh, and a DISHWASHER! .. and we created new counter space around the stove to make it look " built in."

This last month has not been the easiest! I was once told that "if a marriage could survive a remodel - it could survive anything." My first thought were " thats silly!"
But after living it - I absolutly believe it! Living in a construction site - with a baby - NOT A GOOD IDEA! But, on a positive note - Our home is beautiful. We are beyond happy with the results!

Cole is growing, growing, growing! He is mastering the skill of walking, and loves it! He points at everything and wants to know what it is. His favorite word is " yah!" .. and he says it over and over and over. He is now down to only one nap - and its usually about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. In the last month we have visited the beach .. which he LOVES! We have also discovered our son has NO fear. He loves to climb, jump, and face any obstacle in his way. Just like his Daddy. A lot of our friends and local family has said he is looking more and more like his Mommy, which selfishly, I love :) He is still a great eater, no new foods have really been introduced. His favorites are still blueberries - and most recently, fruit snacks. Of which, he will shove all eight in his mouth at one time if you allow him. His newest friend is Heylee, who lives across the street and will be Two in September. Just recently I bought a little pool that we put in the front yard. She and Cole love to swim in it ;) I think she is his inspiration for walking and talking! He can point out our noses, tongues, and eyes.. and has just learned how old he is turning. He holds up "one" finger!

Paul and I have been busy with the usual day to day things. Our weekends have been full with birthdays, pool parties, BBQ's and our normal get tog-ethers with close friends. Of course the remodel has taken up a big chunk of our time, but that was to be expected. Paul is doing great at work. It looks like he will be becoming a Field Training Officer - hopefully at the beginning of the year. If not sooner. In late June we were able to have a 'Mommy and Daddy weekend get away' up to the Garver's cabin with Dusty and Beth, while Cole got to spend some quality time with his PaPa and MiM. We were both able to take the Harley's which tuned out to be a phenomenal ride. But ---- by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, I was ready for my baby. This Mommy wasn't exactly ready for a whole weekend without her son! I don't think that will be happening for a long time to come. haha! This summer has been great so far for our family.

Thanks to everyone for their support through the remodel. We are so anxious to get our home back together.. and look forward to seeing those of you who can make it for Cole's Birthday next month. Stay tuned for new pictures of these updates :)
Much Love <3