Monday, August 31, 2009

Go Go Go Go Go Go

I was gone for almost all of Sunday. I had a few errands, and the later part of the day was spent celebrating Sara ( Paul's cousin ) and her son's upcoming arrival.

WELL! Paul thought it would be a great day for some quality "Daddy and Cole" time. So he took full advantage of Mommy not being home to supervise!

Daddy built a awesome tent, with tunnels, and a cave! In the midst of running through the house, and back in into their tent - Paul would follow Cole and say " Go Go Go Go! "

Cole easily caught on - and after almost a hour of playing together - Daddy could hear Cole say " Go Go Go Go " along with him!
Aunt Shirley, VoVo, and cousin Jessica were able to visit after the baby shower - so it wasn't mentioned since we were getting in some good quality time with them.

The following day - Monday, Paul and I were in the backyard with Cole. He was kicking around a ball, playing with Beau, and I heard him say " GO GO GO GO!' Of course this was when I was filled in on the story. I am so proud that Paul was able to experience this "first." With his hectic schedule at work - he only gets my stories, and shares in with my excitement. This time - he owned this story - and was able to pass it on to Mommy!

New Post!

On the 25th of August, Barbara posted a new entry on her blog. This is about the new Gardasil vaccine. I love her blog updates, and following her recent work. Her link is in our section " Keeping In Touch."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bath Time

Saturday night, Paul and Marc bathed the boys while Monica and I had a little bit of time to ourselves in the jacuzzi.

Swimming Lesson

Today was Cole's second swimming lesson. Reed, Monica, and Marc were able to join us this time.

Today, Cole jumped in ( just as we have been practicing all week ) but this time, turned around and swam to the wall on all on his own. Lets note - it was all under water.

Sarah, Cole's swim instructor, emphasizes the importance of repetition. Her theory is if at any point Cole falls in the water, his brain will recognize the feeling of his body hitting the water, which he will automatically be able to respond, and not panic.

Another new thing we did was put Cole under water from his back. Again, if he were to ever fall in from his back - he would not panic because his first response would be to blow out of his nose.. and reach for the surface.
Here is a video that is very interesting, and what we hope to accomplish!

We are looking forward to the next few weeks we have with Sarah! Here is a short video of Cole going under water.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Beach Bums

Today was just another ordinary Friday at the beach. Nicole, Madison, Deagon, and later in the afternoon.. Brianne joined us.

I have a feeling Cole is going to take after his PaPa and be a surfer boy. He loves the water, and has no fear of the waves. Today was the first time we went in ( past the shoreline!) the water. It has been so hot - even the beach.

Growing up on the beach, I know in my heart I could never live far from it. As soon as my feet hit the sand, and I feel the cool, salty breeze - it takes me right back to those days when I was a kid - with my Mom, Dad, and sisters.. without a single care in the world. I hope to pass this on to our son.

Momm'y Little Helper

Cole seems to be taking after his Daddy more and more with each passing day! Here are a couple of pictures I was able to catch while "My Little Helper " was in action. Cole loves to help Mommy clean.

Most of you might be assuming he probably only likes playing with my cleaning tools - but No! Not this little guy. He gets it! If I give him a rag - he wipes my windows down, all the tables, and anything he has watched Mommy wipe cloths with. Here you can see he has a swiffer duster. So he is dusting the walls and attempting to dust behind my china cabinet - which I did yesterday!

Thank You Cole for all of your help around the house! You are such a good helper!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enjoyin a Hot Summer's Day!

It feels like summer has officially arrived - in August! This week its been as high as 90 degrees - which is hot for our breezy beach cities. No complaining here! Cole and I are taking full advantage. This was just another day in the life of Cole and Mommy. Sittin by the pool, eaten some peaches, and me- fully enjoying every second of my little man exploring the outside, and learning how to crawl in and out of his pool. My Life is Good!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hanging Out With My Bud - Reed!

Today we invited Reed to come over and swim with Cole. Monica and I were able to catch up a bit, and had a great time watching the boys swim, and of course play in the play room!

We look to many more times ahead with Reed. He and Cole are buddies! Far gone are the days where they looked at one another and screamed. haha

Check Out My New Car - and my Playroom!

" I have figured out how to ...

remove my shirt and cover myself while I am sleeping!"

So cute! The last couple of times I have checked on Cole napping/ or while he is sleeping through the night, I noticed if he is wearing a shirt that does not button at the bottom - he takes it off. He also loves a blanket and puts it on himself! At first I thought it was coincidence... but no -its reality!

Finding Sanity

.... when it seems non exists. There is a particular song that I love - and everytime I feel I am lost, I listen to it.. and I feel a little bit stronger. Call me crazy, you may not agree - but in my heart I know there is something much bigger then you and I. This song touches my soul each time I listen to it.

Proverbs 24:16 " .. Don't you know that this good man, though you try to trip him seven times, will each time rise again? But one calamity is enough to lay you low."

Week One

A week ago today - Shay, my neighbor Wendy, Nikki, Aunt Rachelle, and myself started a program to help us lose weight! We each have different goals ( well not Nikki since she's already Miss. Thin! )

We have been walking and doing a few exercise videos together - and keeping one another accountable for what we eat and drink.

We will be weighing in every week.

Week One :
Sheena - Beginning Weight: 153
Weight to Date : 153.6
Weight Lost or Gained : +.6oz URRRGGGHHH!
Goal = 20lbs

Shay - B.W. = 131.8
W.T.D. = 130
Lost or Gained = - 1 lb and 8 oz! Go Shay!

Goal = 16 lbs

Wendy - B.W. = 157.8
W.T.D = 162.8
Lost or Gained = + 5lbs
Goal = 20 lbs

Aunt Rachelle - B.W = 154
W.T.D. = 155
Lost or Gained = + 1 lb.
Goal = 40lbs

Til next Week!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mom's new hobby is.....

...makin me healthy snacks and healthier - homemade finger foods for my meals so I can grow healthy and strong like my Daddy!

This was my first attempt, and they came out perfect. These are sweet potatoes. I brushed them with a light coat of olive oil, sprinkled a little brown sugar, and baked them for about 45 minutes. Cole loved them! Stay tuned for future attempts and experiments. haha!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cole's First Swimming Lesson.

I found Miss Sarah through She has been a instructor for the last 6 years. She came to Marc and Cherrie's pool for a private lesson and I was able to join them both for the last half of it, which I was thrilled about. She was very surprised with how much Cole has already learned with Paul and I over the last year. She said he is definitely a water baby! I am looking forward to the next few weeks with her, until summer is offically over. Then we have plans for a Mommy and Me swim class at South Bay aquatics during the winter. Stay tuned for future pictures and video :)

This lesson we learned how to jump in the water. We are trying to in-sill in Cole that if he ever falls in the pool, how to turn around and swim towards the edge to either crawl out, or hold on until someone can get him. We are very blessed to be able to make him "water safe" - these are such important tools for any child who is often around a pool.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday Photos!

Here are some photos from his birthday, and birthday party. If anyone has any - please feel free to share. We would love to see what you captured.

*********August 13th, 2009
Cole woke up to a Radio Flyer Wagon filled with new toys. When he walked around the corner - he acted like he had no interest. He's such the little actor! He soon couldn't help himself, and quickly began evaluating each toy.

A couple of Cole's favorite foods are pancakes and blueberries. So I decided to combine the two, and make him blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I stuck a candle in them and sang "Happy Birthday!" I don't think he understood exactly what Mom was doing - but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

Through the day, Cole enjoyed his wagon outside with his Auntie Shay and his Tio ( Uncle Orlando!) and cousin Ben. He also played in the dirt, and got in some good ol' naked baby time! There are a few that are my new favorite pictures. I will always cherish them!

********1st Birthday Party
Dinosaur theme, homemade cupcakes, and a dinosaur cake just for himself. It was a perfect day - with lots of friends and family.

It was a wonderful couple days! We were able to reflect on the last year that Cole has grown. Thank You to everyone who helped celebrate this special day in our lives! Til' next year!!!!!