Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Sleeping Angel

Where has the time gone?

Savannah Lisa's Nursery

Pretty pink paint has set on her walls.

Carpet has been laid on her floor.

Perfect white shelves have been hung.

Her crib has been built.

Her dresser has been perfectly placed under her window.

Besides a few finishing touches that include window treatments, wall deco, and shelf belongings - Savannah's nursery is complete.

Now we just wait.

We wait for our precious daughter.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Joining the club

I knew this day would someday come. I am thankful it wasn't as bad as I have anticipated.

Paul woke up with Cole on Wednesday. Daddy poured chocolate milk, and Cole happily drank gulp after gulp.

Five minutes later, Cole vomited.

Paul assumed that maybe he drank it a little fast, so before thinking the worse, he reminded Cole to slow down!!

Only a few minutes later, Cole threw up again.

Within twenty minutes of Cole meeting his day, he had thrown up three times.

Paul came into the bedroom saying " Cole has thrown up three times, I think he is sick."

Our baby has never thrown up.

I quickly got up out of bed, went to Cole and felt his forehead.

No fever. He isn't lethargic. There is color in his face.
" Well, he looks ok. He seems ok." ( as he is running around with his truck saying " vrroooom truck, vrrrroooom."
"Maybe its the milk?"

Little did we know what was ahead.

Between the time he woke up and about 10am, Cole had vomited 15 times. A fever surfaced, and the only way Cole would not cry was if he was attached to me like white on rice.

It was awful.

Chasing around a one and half year old with a bowl, changing shirt after shirt, bath after bath, trying to console a baby who doesn't understand what is happening -are all the ingredients for a pretty bad day.

After so many times of being thrown up on, and having vomit everywhere, I quickly realized that I better brace myself to reek like vomit and not mind it!

For those of you who know me and my sour stomach - I did okay. I prayed that God would strengthen my tummy, and give me strength for the day, and thankfully he granted my requests.

Cole and I slept on the couch for almost 4 hours. He woke up at two thirty in the afternoon and asked for lunch.
"Please God let his food digest. "

He ate some soup, drank some juice, and never threw up again.

Now I can say I have officially joined the club of those who have survived the flu with a child. Whewwwww!

Friday, April 23, 2010

One More Step to Becoming a Big Boy

It was a Thursday morning.

It was almost Eight o'clock.

Paul and I were laying in bed when we heard a "mama" - " daddy", that sang along with the pitter-patter of little feet running along the hardwood floors.

Cole Michael had climbed out of his crib.

He quickly jumped into bed with us and Paul and I both looked at eachother with the look of " is this real?"

It was real. Very real!

He had not only climbed out of his crib, but mastered it like a true pro.

Later in the day we brought the front part of his crib down.

My heart ached, and my eyes were burning with tears. I was trying to contain myself and not show the emotion, but Paul knows me oh to well. We both giggled it off. We realized that although this might be another end to Cole's journey as a baby, this was also a beginning to many mornings and nights being met by our precious boy wanting snuggles with his Mommy and Daddy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have finished "I Will Carry You."

What a inspiration. Truly.

I can't wait to share this incredible story. Here is a video of Angie Smith and her family with their Audrey. God Bless them.

* Don't forget to scroll to the end of my blog to stop the music. You can also click the video and it will take you directly to the original viewing.

"Great" Grandpa Tom

We were blessed enough to be able to spend two whole weeks with "Great" Grandpa Tom.

It was my first time meeting him, along with Cole's - and it was the first Paul has seen of his Grandfather in many years.

We are so thankful to have gotten this quality time with him. I will forever cherish the sweet memories that were made with this man.
Grandpa Dahlen,

Your laugh will never be forgotten and your smile and blue eyes will always be the first that comes to memory when your name is mentioned! We are so appreciative that you spent the last two weeks with us. Paul thanks you for your great "one liners" and that shirt he just " had to have!"

We can't wait for our next visit. We love you.

Monday, April 19, 2010

It has come..

.. and I am thrilled.

I have waited. Patiently.

It has come.

" I Will Carry You." By Angie Smith

Most of you know that I have followed a blog by Angie called " Bring The Rain." I have told so many of you that if you ever get a chance - to read this incredible story of faith and perseverance.

Well, she took her story and wrote a book.

For those of you who know my family, know that we have seen our fair share of heartache and despair. I hate to say that its been more then what most go through, because I would never want to offend anyone. But truth be told, our family has been through a lot.

We have been through a lot, and we have survived a lot.

One of our darkest moments was when we lost our Savannah. Another dark moment was losing our Mom. Death has been a eery familiar face in our family.

Angie has taken a moment of darkness and has shone light on heartache, despair, and uncertainty. All of those horrible things you feel when a life has been taken from you, she lived it. First hand. She lived it, is still living it, and reminds you - that God is there. He is in it all. Her faith is beyond anything I could explain. She is a woman I am proud to say I admire.

I can not wait to drift into a little piece of her world. All sixteen chapters. All two hundred and eleven pages of it.

20 Months Old

Our little man.

My baby boy.

Our first creation.

Is now 20 months old.

I hate this feeling. I hate it to its core.

Cole is growing healthy, strong, and beautifully with each passing moment, day, and month. For this I am beyond thankful, and I wouldn't wish for anything else.

Then why am I so sad?

I feel like time is ticking faster then it ever has before. I feel like moments are passing us by. I feel like memories are slipping right through my fingers.

Everytime I turn around, Cole has learned something new. He has made a new discovery. He has come into his own a little more.

His temper is stronger then it ever has been before. He lets you know when he disagrees, and the place or time is never considered.

He is officially a left hander! He LOVES to draw, color, write, anything that has to do with concentrating with writing and a piece of paper in front of him - he loves. * I was making dinner yesterday, and he left his table that is in the office. Before I caught him, he had already made his markings on Mommy's couch. Thank God for microfiber. It wiped right off. Whewwwww!

Cole also loves the outdoors. Anytime he can be outside - he takes the opportunity. Whether its gardening with his dad, playing with the dogs, playing hide and seek with his imaginary friend in the plants, or simply just sitting and soaking in the sunshine and fresh air.

He has recently become a " bully. " Yes, our sweet little boy has a very mean side to him. Unfortunately one of the only person's who catches the ugly end of this side of Cole is his cousin Ben. Cole pushes him down, hits him, takes toys away from him, and has even learned the word " SHARE" which he yells at Ben to do, but has no conviction to do it himself. Its been a battle everytime we are around Auntie Shay and Ben - which is almost everyday! Its been VERY frustrating to say the least.

Cole's bestfriend? His Daddy. Whenever Daddy leaves a room, Cole becomes a wreck. Whenever Daddy isn't around, he is always in the conversation.
" Mama, where did Daddy go?"
" Where is my Daddy?"
Laying Cole down for a nap, or putting him to sleep - without Daddy, oh geez! " MYYYYYYYYYY DADDDDDDDYYYYYYY?"
" Yes Cole. Daddy loves you. Daddy says sleep good baby." " NNOOOOOOO. I WANT DADDDDDDDDY."
If Cole realizes, which he always does at several points in the day, that Paul is sleeping in the room, there is no distracting him from disturbing his father. Everytime he whips the door open and yells " DAAAAADDDDDDDYYYYYY." He swiftly climbs up onto the bed and throws himself on Paul. Kisses, snuggles, hugs and giggles follow. Daddy never gets frustrated. Daddy never asks for me to take him out of the room. Daddy only loves back, and soaks in the snuggles that are offered and given.

The toilet. Poddy training. Not happening.
Cole is scared to death to sit on the toilet. He wont even sit on his Elmo poddy without his clothes on.
A couple of nights ago he was taking a bath. I usually fold clothes in his room, pick up his toys, or get some other things done before he gets out. There have been a few times he calls for me - saying " Mama, Mama, Mama. I have answered, going in there thinking there is something he wants to show me or say. Its always been
" Hi." haha.
" Hi baby! "
So this time, I only answered back from the room saying
" I hear you " and " your fine " and " play with your trucks."
Well after several minutes of him not giving up calling me and getting me to come to his call, I finally go into the bathroom. I don't get a " Hi " or ' look at my truck go vrrrrrom!' Cole is squeezing his butt cheeks and cries
" Poop Mama, poop now. "
I bring him out of the bath and say " lets go poop on Elmo."
Cole runs past me and into the hallway. ( This is a memory that will forever be etched on my heart. )
He falls on the rug, on all fours, and puts his head on the floor. Crying he says..
" Poop Mama, poop. Diiiiiaaaaaapeeerrr. Diiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaapppppper. "
" Come on baby, you can go poop on the toilet. I know you can do it. This is where EVERYONE goes poop."
After putting a diaper on him, he does into his bedroom, shuts the door and does a doozie. Of course he lets me know when he if finished, and says
"Thank You Mama."
Is it instinctual that there may be a snake in the toilet that will come up and bite you in the butt if you sit on the toilet?

Currently his favorite shows are "Yo Gabba Gabba" and "Little Bear." He loves both, and can't get enough of either.

He just recently discovered cereal and milk - together, and wants it every morning for breakfast. But his all time favorite is still yogurt. Which he calls, well, it sounds something like " bobert." haha

He loves to dance, and recognizes songs that he likes when they play on the radio.

For the first time, I have given him a pillow that he sleeps with in his crib. It is cased in a pillow case that was Paul's when he was a boy. It has Mickey Mouse and all of his friends on it. Cole LOVES it and sleeps perfectly with it.

Hockey is his favorite sport, and swimming lessons are to start in the near future.

Parenting has not yet gotten boring or unexciting. There is something new that is learned everyday, and like Cole - something that is discovered everyday.

I am anxious to see how Cole does being a big brother. We are on the countdown now my son. It should be interesting!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy "18th" Birthday Sammy Gene

Less then 100 days left..

The light is now shining at the end of the tunnel.

It may sound silly, but seeing a double digit number instead of a three digit number makes me feel a little better.

I have a feeling these next few weeks are going to go by very quickly. I am hoping Savannah's room will be somewhat completed by the end of the week. I am also hoping we will have her furniture ordered in the next few days, along with her bedding.

My excitement is growing stronger as I type. So are my emotions! Love those pregnant hormones.

I can't wait to look into the eyes of my daughter.


I am feeling great. I started to have contractions while I was in Palm Springs. Initially I thought they were braxton hicks, but soon realized they definitely were to strong to be considered " fake contractions!" Within a couple of days, they became more consistent, and more strong. Strong enough that I would literally have to breath through them. With Cole, I never felt anything like it. So this is all new territory for me.

As soon as I got home I called the doctor. Within a hour I was sitting in his office, going through all the questions, answers, watching the monitors, and soon I was examined.

Thankfully I wasn't dilated. My uterus is completely closed.( Whooo Hooo!) .... and I only had two contractions while I was there. - Of course!

Since then they have slowed down. Nothing consistent, nothing alarming. I have had a few good ones in the last few days - but again, nothing to be worried about.

Oh, and we scheduled our maternity shoot for the end of the month =)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter in the Desert

This year Tara and my Dad were kind enough to invite us to spend an entire week in Palm Springs.
They rented a beautiful home that had five bedrooms, a beautiful formal living room, a family room, kitchen, and the best part - the pool and putting green.

Yes, it had a putting green.

The home was unbelievable.

Honestly, beyond the beautiful, unbelievable house. The greatest part was being with my family for a whole week. Just "us." Like it use to be. Before marriages came. Before babies came. Before we grew and moved on. We were together under the same roof, only steps away from one another. Only now changes were included. But only for the better. Husbands, babies, and a magnificent woman- who has taken the role as our mom with no fear, were in there deserved places in the family.

It was a perfect week that included lots of swimming -

..lots of games,relaxation, and of course good, quality family time. -

.. and of course what we came for. Easter festivities!

.. Cole was convinced he was a pro at playing the piano!

.. and then it was time to say goodbye. Til next time Palm Springs =)

.. and just for fun! Here is the difference a year makes.

Continue to grow healthy and strong my baby boy. This year has been fun. We can't wait until next year's Easter.