Thursday, July 22, 2010

Palm Springs Vacation

We were able to escape to the desert for a entire week while Paul was on paternity leave. This was Savannah's very first vacation - and our first as a family of four.

We drank, ate, watched movies, played board games, swam, drank some more, and truly enjoyed one another's company.

Thanks to Mimi and Papa for giving us another great week of quality family time. We love you both and are so grateful for giving us the chance to make these special memories that we will forever remember and cherish in our hearts.

Here are some moments that were captured.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Fun

Its been wonderful since we have become a family of four!

For two days now I have really enforced a schedule with Savannah, and she has taken to like a true pro. Its really helped through the night since now she is feeding between 11 and midnight, again between 2 and 2:30am, and then again between 5 and 5:30am. So much easier then staying up literally ALL night! Which we had a few of those before we implemented this schedule. I am hoping that like Cole, she will be sleeping through the night by 9 to 10 weeks old.

Cole has been great. Mom and Dad made a huge mistake a couple of days ago by leaving Savannah sleeping on the couch and walking away. Paul was in the backyard and I snuck away to check my email. Just a few minutes later we heard a horrible cry from Savannah that drew both Paul and I to run towards her. We found that Cole had pulled her down from the couch. Thankfully she landed on a rug and not the hardwood floor.

" Hurt Mommy, Hurt Mommy!" was what Cole said as he began to cry - thinking Savannah was " hurt."

I quickly picked her up and made sure she was ok.

Cole, still crying, motioned for him to see her and again said " Hurt Mommy... sorry, sorry, sorry! Baby hurt!"

I brought her down to his level and showed him that she was ok.

He wanted to hug her over and over, so Paul and I thought it was time that this big brother hold his little sister for the first time.

As he held her he looked at every visible part of her body. He lifted her leg and said " no hurt." He looked at both arms and said " no hurt."

He was very concerned!

Mommy and Daddy not only learned a very valuable lesson, but we also learned, and saw first hand how loving and caring Cole has become for his sister. It was very touching and something I will never forget.

So enough with that.

Although the weather around here has not lived up to "summer" - we are enjoying the fun that summer brings! Here are a few pictures from a concert we went to at Peck Park in Manhattan Beach with my side of the family. I am hoping that heat kicks up so it starts feeling like July and not like March! Either way, we still took some good photos.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Grand Arrival

I knew she would make her "Grand Arrival" on her own terms.

After all - she is half me, half her Father.

It was the fourth of July. Yes, the fourth. Paul was working and Cole and I went down to Sea Side Lagoon with my side of the family to enjoy the day's worth of celebrations that included great food and a firework show.

We didn't make it to the fireworks!

It was close to 7pm when my sister and I decided to walk over to Ruby's to grab some dinner. Of course, there were a ton of people waiting just as we were. So when I felt like the walls were closing in on me and like I was going to pass out, I figured that was the reason why- and that I really had to go to the bathroom!

I used the restroom, and quickly went outside to get some fresh air.

As my sister and I walked back, I told her I kind of felt " funny. " I assumed it was because I had held my pee for so long, and that I was really hungry. Not to forget I was also over 9 months pregnant!!!!!

Half way through dinner, I felt a gush of water. I felt my pants and realized there was so much fluid, it had pooled in my chair.

I talked myself through what had just happened - reminding myself that I had felt " leaking " before - twice to be exact. It had landed us two wasteful trips to the hospital where we spent hours only to be sent home.


Contraction number one. "OH MY WORD" .. and " Holy Moly that really hurt!" were my thoughts.

After two more of those - I decided to share what had happened with those who were at the table. Of course both of my sisters had to see for themselves, so they felt my pants and realized I wasn't joking.

Since Shay knew I had just gone to the bathroom, she also assumed it was my water. She paged the doctor, and with no return phone call, called labor and delivery at the hospital. They advised I come in immediately - if anything just to make sure the baby was ok. I then realized it had been over a couple of hours since I felt her. My cool and collected attitude quickly switched to " we need to get to the hospital."

We packed my things, dropped Cole off at Grandma and Grandpa Wilkins, and soon I was in a bed hooked to monitors where we were able to hear Savannah's strong, healthy heartbeat. Thank God. I told myself if that was the only reason we were there that night, it would be just fine!

It wasn't the only reason.

The nurse did a test to determine if it was my water that broke.

It came back NEGATIVE.

"What the heck?? I didn't pee myself. "

"Are you sure you didn't ? Its very possible, and normal if you had since her head is so low. "

uuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhh. Is what I thought.. and " NO LADY. I didn't freakin pee myself."

but instead I politely said " Well, I know for sure it wasn't urine because there is no way that I could hold that much pee in my bladder at this point. "

Meanwhile, my contractions are about 6 minutes apart at this point... and they are getting stronger and stronger. The entire time this conversation is taking place, the nurse is watching the monitor and acknowledges she too is confused as to why the test came back negative since every other sign is pointing to the fact that I'M IN LABOR. On the fourth of July.

So we wait. and wait. and wait.

We go back and forth with " we're sending you home." to " we're keeping you over night." to " well you maybe having this baby." to ......

literally. all of a sudden.

" You're having a C-Section in twenty minutes. Dad here are your scrubs. Mom, take off all jewelry. The anesthesiologist will be in here in about 5 minutes. "

Just as quickly as the nurse ran in and said that, she ran out.

So there was Paul, myself, Brianne, Shay, Samantha, and Sammy's boyfriend .. all of us looking at eachother questioning " did you hear that? I heard that, but did I really hear that?"

When the anesthesiologist joined us.. we then realized, " ok, this is really happening."

I realized " I'm really having this baby ... tonight. "

It was sooner then twenty minutes that I was wheeled into surgery, given the spinal, and Shay and Paul were able to join me, and the surgery began.

Within minutes we heard Savannah's first cry. A healthy one I might add!

Savannah Marie entered this world at exactly 1:25AM on July 5th 2010. She weighed 8lbs 5oz, and measured at 19 inches long.

It was quite the adventure. I knew in my heart it was never going to be as simple as it seemed with the picking a date, checking in, and boom - here is your baby! But I wouldn't have it anyother way.

I write this to you almost twelve days later.

We have had her for twelve perfect days. Cole is the perfect big brother and loves to kiss his sister over and over. The adjustment with the two has been a bit challenging, but nothing like we anticipated.

Paul and I are officially parents to two.

Parents to two healthy, perfect, beautiful children.

For this, I am grateful to God and fully acknowledge how blessed we truly are.

Friday, July 02, 2010

38 WK Check -Up

Everything looks great.

We did a ultra sound. Looks like our little girl has a nice size head. I think my Doctors exact words were ..
" thank God we're doing a C-Section!"


My blood pressure is perfect and I haven't gained a single pound since last week. Go me!

She has dropped, and I am still dilated at a one.

Six days and counting.

Your baby has really plumped up. She weighs about 6.8 pounds and she's over 19 1/2 inches long (like a leek). She has a firm grasp, which you'll soon be able to test when you hold her hand for the first time! Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb