Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Cole and Savannah have officially begun their swim lessons at South Bay Aquatics.

Cole is in a private lesson with his own instructor, with his buddy Reed who also has his very own instructor too. The lesson is every Wednesday and lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

The first two sessions were AWEFUL! Cole cried, and cried, and cried. My heart broke silently as he screamed for Mommy and Daddy. There was even a point in desperation that he yelled out " S EEEEEE STTOOOR! "
( sister! )

My poor baby!

After the second lesson and no improvement, I prayed that things would change for our little man.

On our way to his third, Daddy simply asked .. " Cole, are you going to cry today as you swim with Miss Hannah?"

His response....
" Yes Daddy, I no wanna swim with Miss Hannah and Reed."

Giggles filled the car. We appreciated his honesty, but c'mon!
" Its swimming! " I said. " YOU LOVE TO SWIM."

" Ok Cole, Heres the deal. If you don't cry, and if your brave, and swim like a big boy... I will take you to get candy after swimming." ... was the deal Daddy made with our crying son who all of a sudden, apparently, hates the water.
- although his instructor said it is what they call " parental separation anxiety."

Well! The deal worked.

Cole didn't cry -at all!
No crying.
No whimpering.
No whining.
In fact, he laughed, jumped in and out of the water, and truly seemed to enjoy his lesson.

... and Thank You Daddy for the Einstein idea of bribing our boy with candy, because it worked!

Savannah and I have also started our Mommy and Me.


She is a natural!!! Kicks are strong, loves to go underwater, giggles and laughs the entire time
... and so does Mommy!

Its a great time to spend with my girl, and getting her acclimated to the water at this young is important to Paul and I.

..before he knew what was ahead of him!!!!

..and then the crying started!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Enjoying Our Gifts

The Good Life!

Check out those pjs!

Merry Christmas Mommy!

Our 6 Month Old

Finger Foods! I'm very good at feeding myself!

Time sure flies when your having fun! Boy has it flown. It is so hard to believe our girl has reached her 6 month mark.

Holding you six months ago, we felt like you were breakable! Now we call you "Tonka!"

You are still nursing three to four times a day, and eat three full meals Just recently Mommy has been adding solids to your diet. Some of your favorites are chicken, fish, Puffs and yogurt bites. You have truly mastered grabbing food with your hands and putting it into your mouth all on your own. You love all fruits and veggies, and are far from a picky eater.

You weigh 18.5 pounds and are 26 inches tall. Your in the 90th percentile.

Our girl is saying "DaDa" and Mama."

.. and loves loves loves her big brother. He sings patty cake and the itsy bitsy spider song to you, and you just giggle and giggle. The other day you laughed so hard tears were streaming down your plumpy, pink cheeks.

You are still taking two naps - and sleeps everynight from 7pm to 7 - 7:30am.

She has a total of 4 teeth. Two on top, and two on the bottom. We have had a couple issues with her biting Mommy ( ouchie! ) but fingers crossed, we are passed this phase. Since she refuses formula and a bottle, Mommy has no other choice but to hope that you will not bite her.

You love your jumper, excer saucer, and are in the beginning stages of crawling. We don't think it will be too much longer from this point that you will be on the move and attempting to keep up with your brother.

Overall, you are a happy happy baby. The only time you are unhappy is if you are tired or you want to nurse. You never wake up crying. We hear you talk and giggle to yourself everytime you wake.

You are obsessed with your feet and toes, and every chance you get they are in your mouth.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Blues Clues seem to really keep your attention, and you giggle along with your brother everytime these shows are on.

Daddy calls you " Tonka."
Mommy calls you " Bella " - its meaning, " pretty " in Italian.
.. and Cole calls you " Sister "

These six months have been our happiest. You have brought Daddy, Cole, and Mommy so much joy and happiness. Thank You for being our baby.
Our hearts are one forever "Bella girl," "Tonka," "Sister"...
Sweet Savannah Marie.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Bringing In 2011

My Aunt Karen, who is also my God Mother, turned 50 on New Years Eve.

So, in celebrating the great milestone, she threw a awesome party.

Here we are, Bring In 2011!!

Daddy's girl through and through!