Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baptizing Our Daughter

This was such a special day.

It was the day we baptized our daughter, Savannah Marie!

Everything was perfect. The cake that matched her invitations, her dress made from her God-Mother's wedding dress and my baptism dress, the people who celebrated this special occasion with us, the food, and of course - the ceremony.

It was a day I will forever cherish.

My darling daughter,

You are our sweetest joy. Since the day God blessed us with you, we have become better people. On this day we gave you back to Him. We promised Him and eachother to raise you to know who God is, and how important it is to love and serve Him. May we always be examples of His love and forgiveness, and may we raise you to be a woman of faith, love, compassion, and integrity. We love you with all of our hearts. You make us proud everyday.
Our hearts are one forever my love!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Last Mommy and Me Swim Class

This was our last class together.

Now our big girl moves on to private lessons.

With bittersweet emotions I selfishly soaked in every moment of this last class together.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Eight Things About Our Eight Month Old!

-She is crawling - and is everywhere.
-She is eating only table food now. Long gone are the days involving baby food.
-Some of her favorite foods are salmon, yogurt, banana, cheese, and chicken, avacado, tofu, and tomatoes. There is nothing that she has turned away from!
-She is saying Mama and Dada.
-She is sitting in the stroller without her car seat.
-Her favorite shows are the "Backyardigans" "Blues Clues " and " Mickey Mouse. " Anytime these are on, she is laughing!
-She is no longer nursing. Since she has refused a bottle she is now drinking milk out of a big girl sippy cup. She has been weaning herself and Mommy since the end of her sixth month.
.. and lastly, she is a Mommy's girl through and through. She hates when we aren't together, and cries anytime I leave her sight. We are working on this!

* and just for fun --
Our eight month old is also dancing, kissing, and throwing temper tantrums. =)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Special Moment!

I apologize that I look horrific in these photos.
I had just returned from a run!
But, I had to share.
- and this is why!

Mama and her loves!