Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall and Sponsorship!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with fall.

My wedding was centered around "magic pumpkins," browns and oranges, and fall leaves.

Every room in my house displays color that has some sort of pumpkin in the name.
Like 'pumpkin batter,' and 'pumpkin spice' .. I could name others but you get the point!

I love the smell this particular season brings.
Cinnamon and cider magically lace the air wherever you are. At least I think so!

Butternut squash soup - I have a terrific recipe of you want it!

Its the season of costumes and giving thanks for what your year has brought you.
Its my most favorite season!

Welcoming this season, I am also excited to welcome, and announce my very first sponsor.

Vanessa Krajcir brought over a box full of smell goods and goodies that I couldn't wait to dig into.

This Warmer that is perfectly named " Hope!" is the reason my house smells like "pumpkin roll"
- so right up my alley! 

.... For the babies rooms!

Meet their new " Buddys!"

"Robert the Lion" graces Cole's room with a "Newborn Nursery" scent that is baby fresh and powdery.

Savannah wont let go of her " Lenny the Lamb."  Too cute!

These little guys have pouches in their belly where you put whichever scent you choose, and they have zippers in the back that are hidden perfectly so your little person doesn't find them.

Where is baby?!

I am excited to host a party next month featuring Vanessa and all of her Scensty goodies!
 If you are local, I'd love for you to join us for a glass of champagne and a delicious dessert while we smell the deliciousness this season brings us. All courtesy of Scensty!
If you are not local and can't make the party, click here!

Very first give-away!
A follower of this blog who comments on this post will be randomly selected to win this same "Hope" Warmer I have and a scent brick, so you are apart of this club of people who like their homes to smell absolutely -sinfully divine!!
Not sure what to write? Tell me one of the many "Little Things" that makes your life great =)

Some Little Things on this Friday, check out my diaper babies getting along.
These kinds of moments are far and few between, so when they happen.. I savor every moment of it.

just for a laugh!

We are off for a week at the River. One of my most favorite places on this earth. As soon as I get off the road and see the signs that lead you to heaven on earth ( in my opinion ) .. worry and concern disappear and its replaced with pure serenity. Not to forget, we'll be with some pretty awesome people all week.

This is where I'll be!

Wherever you will be - don't forget "The Little Things" all add up to one great big thing! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

from here to the moon

It was a Sunday morning. Early.

Paul and I laid in bed. It was quiet. Peaceful even.

I was just a couple months pregnant with Savannah, so whenever the opportunity presented itself to get a little extra sleep, I took advantage of it!

I had just closed my eyes when I heard the pitter patter of feet on our hardwood floors.
Mine and Paul's eyes locked - wondering if what we were hearing was actually happening.

Our baby crawled out of his crib for the very first time.
It was the beginning of not having our bed to ourselves.

Toes digging into backs, arms slapping faces, tossing and turning.
Hearing our baby breathing softly as he slept peacefully between Mommy and Daddy,
waking face to face to your very own creation..
...all made up for years of broken sleep.

Just recently one night has turned into two nights.. has turned into three and four nights in a row of Cole sleeping in his own bed.

Is this the end? I don't know if I'm ready for the end. 

It was just after 10:30 when Paul and I decided we were ready for bed.
We turned the TV off, fluffed the pillows and just as I closed my eyes,
I heard the hallway door open.
** Funny how things will sometimes end just as they begin.**

Cole hadn't slept with us in over  a week, and any time he got into bed with us -
it was always between 1 and 3 in the morning.

10:30 was completely out of the ordinary.
 Although, since him crawling into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning was less and less, calling anything of the sort would be anything but ordinary these days!

Cole crawled into our bed.
Blanket and bear in hand.
Same as always.

We snuggled. I was reminded why I loved it so much.
Feeling his breath on my face, pure love sleeping with my baby!

He softly whispered " I love you Mama."

----"I love you too baby."

When I was little, after being tucked into bed, my Mom would say " I love you."
My response was always " from here to the moon?"
She would say " from here to the moon, and back again."

I have passed this little piece of love to Cole. Assuming he is too little, I have only said..
" I love you, from here to to the moon."

****------- " I love you too baby. "

" From here to the moon Mama?"

((((( your here Mom! I can feel you, in this moment. Your here. )))))

" .. and back again my love."
I love you from here to the moon, and back again. I love you!

He got up out of bed, deciding he wanted to sleep in his bed.
We walked hand in hand back to his room.
I tucked him in, as usual.
Kissed his forehead, knowing in my heart, our nights of sleeping together have officially come to a end.

These are the kind of moments I wish I could share with my Mom.
Like other daughters who have babies.
I envision her just dropping by without a phone call.
My house being a wreck, and me being ok with it because its just my Mom.
 The kids wrapping their arms around her legs and her kissing their foreheads.
Within seconds of being there she's cleaning while I pour her coffee.
Later we find ourselves sitting on the couch just watching.
Watching my babies, her grandbabies, enjoy being little.
Her and I, being in a moment of happiness.
 Me saying " aren't they great?! " .. "Aren't they perfect?!"
Small talk. Being in ' happy' as a Mommy, with my Mom!

Although, I am beginning to realize - that maybe she has been here all along.

Other last weekend happenings. ~

Paul and I were able to have a night to ourselves.
These kind of nights are special. It brings us back to "us."

flashback: "Us" before babies! This was our first Easter together. Almost 9 years ago.Photobucket

Not Mommy and Daddy.
Not Sheena the housewife or Paul the Police Officer.
Just him and I.. husband and wife.
These kind of nights I exchange my flip flops for heels, jeans for a dress.
I put makeup on and instead of smelling like baby lotion and chocolate milk, I smell like a big girl.
It brings us .. back to where we started.
When it was just "us!"

"Us" Now!

With a few other friends, we celebrated a very special someone turning 40.

It took place at a new restaurant that served delicious food, even yummier drinks.. and had a guitarist that rocked really cool guitar versions of lady gaga and katy perry songs.

These are just a few of the people that make our life pretty great.









apparently I let the moment of pure adult bliss get the best of me!

.. True friend here. Making sure I'm not alone in the bliss making!

Happy Birthday Dear Friend!

We wish you 40 more years of  'fabulous!! '

Sunday morning we slept in.
Woke to only eachother.
 Conversed over coffee with no babies asking for more milk or to play outside.
Although, I'll admit.. somewhere between talking about the night before and what we had in store for the day - we realized how quiet it was and that we missed those little humans who bring us the noise we sometimes complain about!
So we retrieved.
We retrieved and welcomed the " noise" back --happily!


 Sunday evening not only brought our "noise" back.. but another birthday celebration!
My father-in-law's birthday that is!

I brought the china out that has been in my husband's family for over 100 years.

Tacos, wine, blue frosted cupcakes just like the ones his Mom use to make him as a young boy, and a little time outside before the sun left us for the day, were the ingredients for a pretty spectacular Sunday.. and such a great closing to a pretty awesome weekend.
Not to forget, Ollie girl was able to join us!





Walking back and forth between the kitchen and the table gave two little people plenty of opportunity to prematurely dig into the cupcakes that I'm sure were screaming to them " eat us! Eat us."

Instead of eating these tempting blue frosted cakes, they decided to just have a finger!

When I returned to the kitchen to see these two little people with blue frosting on their lips, I knew what was going on!
I asked " who touched the cupcakes."
They both pointed at one another.
I could only giggle!

We attempted a slumber party.. but when the dust settled and the movie was half way done, we found ourselves driving her back to Grandma and Papa's house because " she mishhed them!"
Maybe next time Ollie girl!

Happy Happy Birthday Dad! We love you =) 


Fast forward a little to Wednesday, and look at what I caught passing from the kitchen to the office.


Another moment of .."  Mom!! Aren't they great!? "  I can hear her clearly! She simply says..
" Yes, they sure are!"

I love you. From here to the moon, and back again. I love you!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I was quiet this week. Part writers block. Part, just joined a gym and was getting acclimated to a new schedule and routine. Another part - spending a little more time outside before the weather goes nasty. Paul working as much as he has these last couple weeks didn't give me much time for writing, and the time that was available was spent watching Friends. I've always loved that show, but lately I've become insanely obesessed. TBS showing two full hours which happens to fall in the same two hours the kids take naps, doesn't help me!

I constantly have so much to write about, that I have found myself babbling. Most posts I have written aren't published. You would all think I'm crazy if I exposed the real relationship the keyboard and I share. I love having the " save to draft " option, and I've been using it more and more. I'm babbling again.

Lets catch up, shall we?!

I left you last Friday. That night was spent around a fire drinking wine and watching kids play hide and go seek in the dark. We have contemplated selling our home and relocating. Having nights like these with great people who happen to be neighbors, makes those kinds of decisions really hard to make!

My most favorite season is approaching, making our mornings and evenings colder. There is nothing I love more then to be in my house, coffee in hand, looking out my window - knowing its cold outside. There is something about the lingering scent of brewed coffee, and the smell of my babies when they wake. Its home!

Last Saturday was all of what Saturdays should be. We stayed in our jammies for the better part of the morning! Somewhere along the way we decided that I should finish the gardening on the other side of the walkway.  Yes, " we " meaning Paul .. and me saying " not today!"
Him dragging me outside while saying
" you can't have one side with flowers and the other side, just dirt! "
I suggested putting a sign in the dirt that says
" Gardening halfway done because Mom inside has two small children!"  -
" People will understand babe!"

It didn't work.

Gardening/plant cute flowers venture: COMPLETE!
Time: 6 months!

I was so on fire with this gardening venture, I planted some herbs and tomatoes!

along the way these were some moments I was able to capture!


I've been tossing around the idea of returning to school. I've looked at a few different programs online. What I'd like to do would require a masters, maybe even a Ph.D.. so it would be a hard, long road. Wether or not I am willing and able to handle all that it would entail right now, I'm not sure.

A few nights ago, a conversation about stay at home Mommies vs working ones surfaced.
Things like " I go to work to keep myself from going crazy "  and " we've lost what we use to have. Women taking pride in caring for their homes and families. It use to be a respected job "
..were just a few of the many opinions that were said.

My head spins around laundry, working out, making dinner, 'are they getting enough vegetables?' keeping the damn car clean ( trying to at least! Its a all time failure of mine ) and this blog of mine!
Not to mention, my husband's hours at work have quadrupled. Instead of being alone 70% of the time, I'm now alone 97% the time... and lets not forget that it took me over 6 freakin' months just to plant some flowers!

How could I ever fit school into that?

One of my more favorite bloggers specifically wrote about this whirwind schedule Mommies have, and how we keep it all together. If we do!
Most of the time, I'll admit - I don't.
 Its become such a hot topic that they actually made a movie about it,
of which -  I can't wait to see!

"I Don't Know How She Does It?

It couldn't of been named more perfectly right?

How do we do it? Everyday! Day in, day out!

I grew up with a Mom who allowed everyone and everything become more important then herself. Thats what I thought was normal. Thats how I thought things should be done, although deep down I knew it wasn't right. I just assumed I was more selfish and self centered then most.

Until I became a daily viewer of Dr. Phil! I've listened to him over and over again explain that a child's most important role model is the same sex parent. More specifically, in regards to women and daughters - you, as the Mother.. have to put yourself first sometimes.
Taking care of yourself.
Being healthy-physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Bottom line, all of the above requires you being selfish.
Maybe, if my Mom were a little selfish.. she wouldn't have died at 42!

The Escape?
Don't get me wrong! I love my life. But sometimes, sometimes I have to escape.
Sometimes, I need to escape. Its like any other job in life. You have days off. You get a break.
This Mommy thing - the Mommy job.. there is no break.
There is no clocking in, clocking out.
Could you imagine ... your three old crawling into bed with you at 3am,
 saying " Mama, I'm thirsty."
" Sorry baby, my shift doesn't start for another three hours."

This is a 24 hour, 7 days a week, all the time no matter what - kind of job.
Its a one of kind, no other like it, kind of job!

Sometimes the escape might be not doing the laundry for the day, or eating PB&J sandwiches for dinner, because ----- its simply easier.
There have been times I have felt really guilty about keeping up with this blog of mine, until this blogger that I love said " sometimes I put Little Bear on for the kids while I finish up my writing."
- So walking away from the kids for a little writing time.. isn't neglect?!  

Maybe its a bubble bath with wine and book.
Maybe its Friends during naptime!

Every couple of weeks, my escape is getting my nails done with Jenica. Of which, has turned into such a joy of mine. Yes, I still feel guilty .. especially since these days Paul's time at home is far and few between, so me being away when he is around might seem, wrong.
 But - truthfully... its makes me better.
That time away, that time alone.. makes me better.
Its makes me a better wife.
A better Mom.
These are two top priorities, and for most of the time, they are at the top.
But - I have to put myself above these two top priorities at times.
So I can be better.
Being the best I can be, is the most important priority!

So The Little Things don't fall between the cracks.


Drawing chalky streets for cars.


Telling Baby to not eat chalk. Yes, the same baby who loves to eat sand.


But, it doesn't take away from her cuteness!

Peek-a-boo! This same baby has learned that if she plays Peek-a-boo when she is getting caught doing something bad, it detours her from being corrected.. because it makes Mommy giggle. How can Mommy be serious when she is giggling? .. and how can Mommy be serious when Baby is so cute!?

Find your escape.

Be in the escape. So you can be better!

Happy Saturday =)


Friday, September 16, 2011

Advertising!! -Muddy baby booties and a $50 Photo session!

Advertising has officially begun. If you haven't noticed, there are ads on my side bar and at the bottom.

Some may see this as, ---not a good thing. Others may disagree.

These people advertising their companies/products think I have enough traffic on this blog of mine.. enough people seeing my blog that will see their products or companies, so they pay me for a little tiny space on my space!  I have taken it as a compliment. So, Thank You!

I've also been advised that I should copyright this blog of mine, and put my name on pictures so creeps don't steal my photos. Although its hard for me to believe that someone would steal a photo of shovels, muddy baby booties, and me walking on the beach with my baby, apparently it happens.. sad! But, again.. I have taken it as a compliment that I have to put my name..
my name on the pictures you see on my blog.
I'm blushing!

I'm also in the works for some pretty awesome give-aways that I'm REALLY excited about!

So, on to some little things we've done this week.

Cole has a amazing imagination. I'm sure its not any different then any other three year old, but because his imagination belongs to him, me being his Mama, naturally thinks its "amazing!"
He believes that if he is under a table, he becomes invisible.

"Baby, being under our really big dining room table gives you better chances of Mama not catching you eating cookies in the morning. The yellow table, ....its not in your favor! " 


***I have a tendency to have a really great idea, start it, and not follow through with it.

My sister-in-law made Cole this awesome fleece no- sew blanket that he loves.
So I told her I wanted to make a couple for our couch.

A trip to Michaels, ( a local craft/fabric store ) hours spent picking out fabric, choosing some awesome brick red fleece, about $60 dollars later.. the fabric sits in the closet that is behind me! Its exactly the same way as when I bought it.. several months ago.

I thought that our yard needed some color. When spring came I told our gardeners to dig up some of the grass so the kids and I could plant some flowers.  - This was back in March, ..sometime!

I'm now really curious about Quilting.  I've always loved quilts. The way they feel and smell. They scream comfort and usually have a pretty good story. While I was standing in line at Target this week, I saw "All American Quilting" magazine. I bought it.

A couple days ago, while the kids napped, I drank my iced coffee.. watched the 1pm showing of Friends. (Greatest show ever by the way!) I remembered I had that magazine, so I decided I would flip through it. I instantly fell in love.  I called Paul right away with some pretty cool ideas, and thought he would be pretty excited his housewife/stay at home Mommy wanting to add "sewing/quilt maker person" to her resume!

His response?

" Why don't you get to those no-sew blankets sitting in the closet. Or plant the flowers in the front yard?"

Totally deserved.

Sorry future quilt I want sitting on my couch one day. ( and I see it clearly. Patches of red, oranges, flowers, and maybe a little bit of blue! )  You must wait! I have flowers to plant and blankets to get to!

So, we gardened. 

We planted the prettiest little pink and white flowers in the dirt that has been exposed to the sun and air for many, many months. Justifying having the gardeners dig up perfect green grass, and letting it sit there for as long as I did, I told Paul the dirt needed to 'breath' before I planted anything there. Letting it breath for 6 months, these flowers should thrive =)

Our gardening adventure soon turned into a couple of muddy babies .... 



who fought over the hose!

Within minutes the front yard was turned upside down with shovels, plastic containers holding flowers that were anxiously waiting to be put into the ground, and matchbox cars that were brought out to specifically entertain a three old boy who would become bored within seconds of being outside. I must admit, I was wrong there. Making mud pies and finding worms held his attention for longer then I ever expected!....

 and it all gave lots of opportunity to take some pretty good pictures =)



Between being the referee between my two little rascals fighting over who was going to hold the hose, chasing my one year old down the street, and running away from some of the biggest bumble bees, that apparently LOVE my yard...

The job was done. 


Well, I still have to do the other side of the walkway!

 ***Paul worked over 70 hours in four days.
So on this Friday morning, waking to Daddy being home was pretty awesome.
Especially since he hadn't seen his girl in three whole days!

Popsicles were on the menu for breakfast, because molars that are breaking through, really really suck!

my poor, poor baby. But, do you notice the very doting Daddy? So sweet!


** I have gotten a lot of emails and messages from some pretty great people. Some of them, I know personally. Others, are readers I've never met. I'd like to Thank you for taking the time to tell me about the little things that make your life special. That make your days great! And all of your kind words.
( I'm sorry if I haven't responded to you yet, I promise to get back to you! I appreciate all the feedback!) I must say, this blog of mine has really challenged and inspired me throughout my days of laundry, dishes, dirty diapers, going to bed alone because my husband is working late.. again, ..  to see all of the little things that make my days, extraordinary. Special! Meaningful, and grateful.
So again... from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!

Today! Today on this Friday, we will be home. As a family. In our jammies. All Day!
(Well, besides Daddy picking up Mexican food for lunch.)
 Its gloomy here in Southern California, and since we've missed Daddy so much this week, I think we deserve a jammie, movies, and eating burritos - kind of day!
On the menu for dinner? The BBQ chicken that has been marinating in the fridge for over 24 hours. No! I'm not that great. It was truly a accident. It was meant to be cooked lastnight for dinner, but with the gardening and muddy booties - sandwiches and soup were much more appealing on the 'what will be easiest to make for dinner ' scale!

-On another note!
Those of you who are local, I'd like to take your family photo for Christmas.
You choose the location!
I'll meet you there. Promise to bring my camera!
$50 dollars will give you  45 minutes to an hour of picture taking, and a disk of 15-20 ( maybe more! ) edited, awesome photos for you to choose from for your Christmas card, and whatever else you'd like to do with them!! Contact me so we can set up a date =)

**A video for the weekend. Who doesn't love Lady Antebellum? They just released their newest song/video, and I LOVE IT.
"We owned the night."  .. Well Lady A, you've done it again!!!
(  Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and hit the stop button on my playlist!)

Enjoy your weekend friends!