Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Make way for friends!

Remember the days that you had all the time in the world?! This time went to hours of nothingness. And it was great!

Leaving work and getting a text that everyone is meeting for happy hour.
--- Of course you'll be there!

Sundays. Brunch and mimosas. Talking about the last week you had and the week that is ahead of you.

Although life is different, in a different kind of great way, unfortunately through the hustle and bustle life gives you, making way for your friends falls on the back burner and ends up somewhere around the bottom of your list. You know, its the times that things need to get done and you lighten your load with the things that aren't necessary for survival. Baths. Painting your nails. Reading. Working out. Spending time with your friends. **Automatically out the door. When the ship is sicking, you chuck what is the least of important things to try to keep it afloat.


The weekend began as most weekends do.

Friday morning is always a treat because waking up to Daddy being home.. it doesn't get any better then that. Somehow Savannah knows its Friday, without being told so. As soon as I bring her out of her crib, she squeals " DaDa" as her feet are already in the motion of running before they hit the ground. She bee-lines for our bedroom where she is guaranteed Friday morning snuggles with her main man. Her Daddy!

Nachos for lunch! Not worrying about what your eating is another "great" thing about weekends around here. 

This is how we welcome every weekend. Its when time is of no matter. The coffee pot is left on all day and  Mickey Mouse clubhouse is in the backround. Paul and I are catching up on the kisses we missed and the stories that have patiently been waiting to be told.

Hockey season started, so Fridays will be a little different around here. For the next few months we will be hustling out the door,  in constant question of "did I forget something?" .. and figuring out I did when I've gotten onto the freeway. And then forgetting I've forgotten what I forgot because we're cheering on LASD STARS and screaming " Go Daddy! "
  I didn't grow up around hockey. Football and baseball were the sports that were on our TV.
So when I was introduced to the sport my husband loves so much, it took a little while to get use to... learning about guards, why they pull goalies, and wrist shots - and lets be honest, its just a tad bit exciting when they fight. Although in this league they can't fight... but they do rough eachother up a bit-- and I love it!

I wasn't able to take any pictures this game. This season will be a little more challenging for me since Savannah is mobile and in the stage of wanting to explore and discover everything! And we've taken on two extra players from a team that didn't return to the league. These specific two players, I did not like AT ALL.... so I was a little enthralled with this particular game.. trying to keep up with it wasn't easy since I was chasing my Tonka Bear up and down the isles, trying to keep her from climbing up and down the stairs --- But next Friday I will try a little harder to get in some picture taking.

On to another sport I love. Our Ty Ty is playing for West High's JV football team. We were able to catch this home game where they played Redondo. The score? 38-14. West winning!!!  Since I had a extra set of hands ( Daddy's to be exact ) I was able to take a few photos.



#66 ---- GO TY TY!

Walking back to the car. I stopped and enjoyed this moment!


Family is your foundation. There is no replacement for family. But friends. Friends are pretty special too. I think! I'm learning that through the chaotic-ness life gives you.. setting aside time for friends is really, really important.

Grand plans were made for a Starbucks date with a really good friend. But, instead of trying to chase around babies and stopping them from peeling the store apart .. ( after Targets experience, I opted out ) .. we brought Starbucks to us.


We watched our babies play. Caught up. Cheered to a new engagement and wedding that is coming up in May!

Ah! Its so refreshing to be around wholesome people who are so good inside and out.
People and friends who bring good right to your front door.



Another special moment. A moment between Mommy and baby. I miss my nursing days.


A weekend find.


Three pairs of shoes for $27 dollars. Holla!


Other good friends and good times -

Its not delivery, its Digiorno!

Wine, WII bowling, good company, lots of laugh - and a little bit of dancing, all makes up for a perfect Friday night. 




The babies brought out beads and made way for their very own spectacular Friday night!


Sunday night was another happening that reminded us friends are good to have, and ours happen to be great. Although no pictures were taken to share with you,what I will share is another very important lesson I am learning.  After every storm, comes a rainbow. Our rainbow after this last storm... realizing that making way for our great friends - should be one of our top priorities. Its these people that assist you in the having of good times! Whether its coffee dates at home or a coffee house. Espresso and fancy shmancy syrups.. or pouring left over coffee from that morning onto ice with a little Coffee Mate. Whether its being in a restaurant or eating the BEST spanish rice ever. Of which, Marc Sandoval nails it everytime. " Where" doesn't really matter. What matters - is the "who " your with.

Oh! and one of our many Halloween Parties we attended Saturday night. We celebrated Eric Sandoval's first birthday!!!

 We tried to capture "Peter Pan "  -- Instead of my husband going as Captain Hook the man, he went as Captain Hook, the wo-MAn! Nice job babe. Nice job!

So on whatever day you happen to be reading this, remember that your friends are just a little piece to your puzzle. Although that piece might be little because lets be honest. Work, your marriage, bills, kids, soccer games and T-Ball, whatever else it might be always seems to take up most of your time. But even when the littlest piece to any puzzle is missing, its still a incomplete puzzle. Who likes incomplete puzzles? Make way for your friends... the good ones, who deserve your time! Your love. I promise, every time you take the time for the friends you love, you will be happy you did!

Another trip to Target is on the list of things to do today... and for the first time ever, I'm nervous. Wish us luck. Wish me luck! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


My Mom once told me that sometimes, every once in a while, we are tested. Our character, the type of people we are, the core to our sense of being, will be put to the test.

..... Pray for your enemies. Pray for those that hate you.
Pray for happiness and peace for those that wish you ill.

" Happiness is the best revenge." - Author Unknown

This last week has been a little more difficult because of some unfortunate happenings.

Tides have changed and people who were once a very important part of our life - have now taken a seat in our past. Again, learning to let go, even when I don't want to. Burying friendships.. and in moments of anger, trying to be better and wishing those who have wished me bad, -- wishing them good. Sometimes, its just easier said then done. Sometimes, its easier to let the moment get the best of you.

Its taken three dinner dates with really, really close friends that have reminded me "its ok." Its ok to be disappointed. People are human.
Life lessons.
Life lessons are important and valid in the fact that its these lessons that continue to shape the person you wish to be.

Of all the quotes I've read these past few days, there is one that has stuck out. It shines brightly.
"When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you." -Author Unknown

To let this bad experience ...."Strengthen Me."
 ---------Remind me even...

-Remind me that .....
-----Ah! I have some of the world's most beautiful people in my life. My babies are healthy. My husband is amazing. My friends are great.

A very special birthday was celebrated. My God-Son turned four years old.
Pizza, chocolate cake, good company, lots of laugh, and celebrating a day that marks a beautiful being entering this world was a little piece of what reminded me.... my life is really, really good!

... and so is pizza with alfredo sauce on it. Who ever thought of this.. you saved me during a really tough time in my life. Thank You!

Look at that face!



There is always someone that loves the crust of pizza. My Tonka-bear eats anything, so naturally - she bared the burden of making sure the crust wasn't wasted. 

I'm learning sometimes you must rise above the chaos. Sometimes, the higher road is the best road to take. Sometimes, being above it - you will see it clearly. You will see what really matters

... and sometimes its just one step 'up' that gives you one of the better shots! It gives you the best seat in the house!

Licking of the candle. Everyone does it. And it never gets old. Your never too young or too old to lick your birthday candle! Just another little piece of amazing. Happy Birthday my Jackson. Happy Birthday!


Cole accompanied Grandma and Grandpa for a quick trip down to San Diego. While it gave Paul and I some good quality time with our girl, we realized how different things would be without our little man. Since turning three, Cole's temper and his tantrums have gone from 0 to 10 in just a few weeks.


While shopping at Target yesterday, string cheese and chocolate milk held my babies attention spans for only so long before I knew melt downs and being " That Mom " was just a few isles away. So we skipped right to checking out, telling myself that I'll return later for the toilet paper, paper towels and dish soap.

And the very worse episode of Mommy vs. Cole Wilkins happened.
 Right there at check stand 7.
It was like nothing I've ever experienced since becoming " Mommy "
-- or like anything I've ever witnessed.
It was unreal.
 There was a moment I felt myself leave my body.
 Like I just blacked out.
The moment of not being able to gain control over my son losing his control -
.... It was all bad.
There was biting, throwing things at the cashier and hitting the poor woman behind us, running away from me. Me having to leave Tonka Bear sitting alone in the cart. Feeling everyone's eyes on us - people whispering to one another. Them watching us exit.
I expected a applause.
And not because I contained - and controlled myself from exploding or breaking down.
 But because we were leaving!!

These moments of quiet for Cole are far and few between. When they surface, I embrace them happily. This is when I can just sit and watch him breath.


Getting back to the basics.
We stayed inside, blinds drawn.
We sat a little bit closer together.
Watched movies....

Paul has a weird infatuation with mustard. 

My kids inherited it!

We did what we love doing. We did what we enjoy. We were with eachother. We were together, as a family of four. We cooked and baked. We licked spoons full of gooey, chocolaty cake batter.

When in doubt, just bake! 


Eating batter heals all!


We are lucky to have a lot of friends. Some groups are completely separate from others. Some intertwine in weird ways of " Wow, the world is small. " - others, mix because of choice. Needless to say, we've had a selected few we have been friends with for a long time. These specific people we are learning,---- to be really really thankful for. These are the ones you call on days like Sunday. Talk about the good ol' days. These are the kind of friends that are like family.
That are family!

To surround yourself with positive. 
To surround yourself with people you want to be like. 
To surround yourself with better.

Another moment of "happy" ... watching someone else do the dishes!!

Rising above the chaos. Rising above what is bad. Stepping out from the moment of hurt that always has a way of turning into anger-- getting away from that and being better. Learning from it. Growing from it. And I'm sure its not the last bad experience I experience through this life of mine. I just hope that next time, its a little easier to go through it --------because I'm more experienced! 

Happiness is the best revenge.  I will be happy. Not because I seek revenge.
But because " happy " is what I want to be.
Happy is what I wish for everyone.
Even those who wish me otherwise.
I have a wonderful, hardworking husband who provides a great life for my children and I.
My kids - beautiful, healthy.
 Friends - true friends. Who are influential in healthy, happy ways.
Who always have nice things to say about people.

*****These are the people who inspire me to be better.*****

 On this Thursday --- I wish you, and everyone that you surround yourself with. ----Better.

Bet·ter 1  (btr)
adj. Comparative of good.
1. Greater in excellence or higher in quality.
2. More useful, suitable, or desirable: found a better way to go; a suit with a better fit than that one.
3. More highly skilled or adept: I am better at math than English.
4. Greater or larger: argued for the better part of an hour.
5. More advantageous or favorable; improved: a better chance of success.
6. Healthier or more fit than before: The patient is better today.
adv. Comparative of well2.
1. In a more excellent way.
a. To a greater extent or degree: better suited to the job; likes it better without sauce.
b. To greater advantage; preferably: a deed better left undone. See Usage Notes at besthaverather.
3. More: It took me better than a year to recover.
1. One that is greater in excellence or higher in quality.
2. A superior, as in standing, competence, or intelligence. Usually used in the plural: to learn from one's betters.
v. bet·teredbet·ter·ingbet·ters
1. To make better; improve: trying to better conditions in the prison; bettered myself by changing jobs. See Synonyms at improve.
2. To surpass or exceed.
To become better.
better off
In a better or more prosperous condition: would be better off taking the train instead of driving; felt better off after the rise in stock prices.
for the better
Resulting in or aiming at an improvement: Her condition took a turn for the better.
get/have the better of
To outdo or outwit; defeat.
think better of
To change one's mind about (a course of action) after reconsideration: I almost bought an expensive watch, but then I thought better of it

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday - Welcome!!!

In this moment of writing, I write with a swollen red nose that hasn't stopped running for weeks. Which is now accompanied with a full on sinus infection.  The kids have finger tips that are covered in cheese from the durritos they've just eaten, and they are fully enjoying the process of licking them and wiping the rest across my couch and their clothes. The best part - I think its all ok!

This week hasn't been one of my greatest weeks. Its been a real challenge remembering that life is short and petty things really don't matter. Holding my tongue and thinking about what I'm going to say in a moment of anger and response,  I will admit --I have failed more then once. I'm human, remember?  Drawing the conclusion that I can't control everything around me, including those that I love - is just one of the many points I have reached. Another, learning to let go. Even if I don't want to. I can't fix something that isn't broken, and I can't hold on to something that doesn't want to be there.

The biggest challenge has been facing these challenges without Paul, who has been away somewhere up north learning interesting things. I've been left here to remember to drag trash cans to the curb, water the plants, make sure the dog has water, and collect the mail. Along with wiping runny noses, separating two toddlers who can't seem to not fight these days, and normal day to day things. Lets not forget  ----all while fighting a nasty sinus infection. All is usually dealt with, but dealt with on easier terms knowing I can look forward to my partner in crime walking through our back door at some point in the night... and at at this point I'm realizing it doesn't matter the time he does this, just as long as he does!

Remember "The Little Things" Sheena? Remember the things that make you truly happy.
No matter what life happens to throw your way!!!!
Yes! Lets talk about that!

Oh Yogurt.
Tuesday brought us our typical morning that consisted of breakfast, the gym, and a grocery store trip.
We picked out a bunch of pumpkins for the front yard. ( Don't worry, the pumpkin patch is still a trip that will be had in the future, but buying a pumpkin that is overly priced will not be a happening with us. $6 pumpkins Vons sells is much more practical for this family! We took full advantage of the club card offer!) The pumpkins and carrier I still hadn't taken out from our beach trip took up most of the room in the back, so that left the seats and most of the car that didn't occupy car seats and the driver ( me ) to hold the bought groceries. One of the bags was in arm reach of where Savannah sits - so she was very much able to reach over and dig in. A yogurt was what she retrieved. I watched her in my rear view mirror and sternly said " Don't you open that!"
 My gut telling me " Take it away. Take it away NOW! "
 Of course I ignored it.

I typically leave her in the car ( with all the windows and doors open ) while I bring the groceries in. This time it took me just a few extra minutes since I had all the pumpkins to bring in. Damn me ignoring my gut!

Oh Yogurt!


Savannah - 1
Mommy- 0

We cleaned up the yogurt mess, the carseat, and the car. Got to decorating the outside, and "Wa-La!"



On to more Halloween things...
Frosted Cookies:
My Mom always had these frosted cookies at home. Usually they were pink. Cole loves them, and during the holidays, the typical pink frosting changes to whatever color is appropriate for whatever holiday is approaching. With Halloween being weeks away, orange is oh so appropriate right?

Happy Almost Halloween!

Good Conversation:
While checking email and trying to catch up from being away for almost a week, I glanced over and these two were sitting side by side, talking. Imagine Cole talking english, Savannah talking baby gibberish, and Cole magically knowing exactly what she was saying!



Her newest expression! 

Runny noses.
Within days of being home Cole caught a little cold. I expected us to catch some sort of bug since we were returning to germy bug city aka the "clubhouse" at the gym. Kids licking tables, sucking on crayons, coughing in the air and wiping their noses then reaching for a hand that is so ready to be held by the nearest other germy kid which is probably my own - all add up to one great way of asking to catch something yucky. Thank God this time around it was just a sneezy/ cough -cold which always leaves as quickly as it comes.

My allergies have been raging, and when they stick around for longer then a week it is almost always guaranteed it will at some point turn into a sinus infection. And, it has! It was the reason I was completely knocked off my butt all of Thursday. The bed, chicken soup, my netti pot, and a couple hot baths were the most exciting things that happened on this particular day. Laundry, dishes, and playtime had to take a backseat. I bargained with Cole that if us doing puzzles, coloring, and playing outside was put on the back burner - Nick Jr could stay on all. day. long! .......and it did!

Its been super hot these last couple days, which has left our house feeling like we're being baked in a not- so- cool -dutch oven. So around 4 we head outside where the beach breeze brings a little relief. Today, chalk, the bright red car, and a glass of wine occapined by Grandma and Grandpa were what we enjoyed. It was nice since most of the day was spent in bed with a throbbing head and a clogged nose.


Who says "fans aren't cool?" 

Good Morning Pumpkin Spice!
Everyone now knows my insane obsession with pumpkin, and Coffee Mate has fully contributed to making my mornings and afternoons just wonderful!!!

Drinking from a chipped mug makes it that much better! I think! 

"He's my bestfriend!"
Cole has officially hit the stage that everything is his bestfriend. Today he introduced me to his newest.
While introducing the two of us, he said " Mom, you can't kill him. He's my bestfriend!" Compromise.  We returned him outside. No killing included. Although, I think he was already dead! I couldn't bear breaking the news to my little man, so we rushed back inside while I said " Hurry, so he doesn't notice your gone!~!"

Is he a ant? Not sure! Some sort of 'yuck'---- that I know!

Tonight we will be welcoming Daddy home after a long week of being away somewhere up north, and I can't wait to see his face and kiss his sweet lips. He says 'Pancho Tacos' who makes a crazy BBQ pork burrito and ice cold beer is on the menu tonight - so - thats a whole of great to look forward to! Wouldn't you say?

**A fellow blogger that I love has a  Friday ritual where she shares a photo collection from her week. She calls this "Friday Photo Dump." I now start my own "Friday Photo Dump." .......
I'm not sure what I'll call my photo dump, but for now - its just some of my favorites from the week!


Happy Weekend =)