Monday, October 29, 2012

' A ' Family

 This family found me through a friend. 
Initially they contacted me, interested in a newborn session. 
But because of conflicting schedules, we weren't able to schedule a session until just recently. 

Family. Newly engaged. Upcoming wedding in 2013. 

This family, as you will see... is 

Their little man is just perfect. I just wanted to eat him, nibble by nibble! 

We met on a Sunday afternoon, and it was just a perfect, perfect session. 
From the time we began until it was time to end... and ending was really hard. 

These people, their love, their baby, their smiles. 


'A' Family. 
Thank You for choosing me to photograph your gorgeous family of three. 
You have such a exciting year ahead of you. 
I hope you enjoy these photos! 

Lots of love! 


This was a family session in Manhattan Beach, Ca. 
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

wilkins family

 Another very special family session. 

Another cousin to Paul.

Its flattering and complimenting when family chooses me to photograph them and their special ones, 
but its also really nerve racking!!! 

As always though, the sun was on my side. Literally. 

This lighting was incredible.

 It was warm and inviting, and lovely!

I love to catch people and family in their most natural state. And Charlotte was marching to her own beat. Not a care in the world. No interest that I was stalking her with my camera. 
Just loving the flowers and water. 
Infatuated with the ducks and kisses her Mama and Daddy shared. 

It was a wonderful afternoon, and I was so happy to be there to photograph it. 

Thank You Shaun and Heather!  Miss Charlotte, you spirit is free girl. Always chase your dreams!
I hope you guys enjoy!



This session was apart of my Holiday Mini Session. 

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

baby drew

 A true gift from God, sweet Baby Drew is! 

Ryan is Paul's cousin, and we have become really good friends with him and his wife Heather. 

Drew is a beauty, and was perfect for us on this Sunday that we photographed her. 

She slept perfectly and was dainty and sweet!

Her big brother Finn was completely infatuated with her. Gently touching each finger and brushing her sweet, rosy cheeks. 

This is such a special time, bringing home a brand new baby. 
It leaves as quickly as it arrives... days and nights being a big blur. 
To capture moments in our lives like this is a solid investment. It will never fail you! 

Ryan, Heather, Finn and sweet baby Drew, 
Thank You for letting me in on this special time in your lives. 
May you always cherish these sweet photos. 
Love you guys! 
Miss Drew, You are a sweet and beautiful addition to the Wilkins Family! 
We happily, joyfully welcome you little girl!

.enjoy. this beautiful family of four!

If you are interested in scheduling a session with your precious newborn baby, please note that it should be done in the first 10 days of life. Email me at 

Monday, October 22, 2012

kranke family

I announced my 'Holiday Mini Sessions' in September.

The response was encouraging, and very complimenting.


Meet the Kranke family. 

'Good Friends' is a understatement.

Our kids are close in age and really like eachother! 
Nicoll is one of the sweestest, coolest girls I know, 
our husbands are both named Paul... 
and Paul is just as sweet as Nicoll. 

I've become comfortable behind my camera, but... to be honest... 
putting my friends in front of it makes me a little nervous. 

Paul and Nicoll shared that this was their first family shoot since they've had their kids. 

Upped the nervousness.  =)

But, within a few minutes, the nerves left and the 'loving what I do' kicked in full gear.

I explained that ' I love natural. I want you to act as if I'm not here.'

They got it. 

Ohhh how I love this family. And I am honored they chose me ...
... trusted me to photograph their beautiful little family. 

Kranke Family, 
I hope you forever cherish these family photos. Your babies have so much love for eachother and the two of you. Your family is gorgeous, and I was honored to put you all in front of my camera. 
Love you guys!


Monday, October 08, 2012

e + m = H

I first met this baby when he was in the comfort of his Mama's tummy. 

Before his Mama and Daddy announced his name to the world, I knew it. 

Here we are, a few months later. 

We met at the beach, and the weather, lighting, and Baby Hunter were all perfect. 

The new Mama and Daddy were true pro's, and they've settled into being this baby's parents beautifully. 

It was a true honor and pleasure to put this family of three in front of my camera.