Wednesday, November 28, 2012

s family

One of my favorite families. 

Some of our best friends in the world. 

We were friends before marriages, babies, and real, grown up responsibilities. 

Here we are. 
Five years into marriage, and six babies later. 
( No, Monica is not pregnant. I'm counting Cole and Savannah! =) 

S Family, 
Thank You for asking me to photograph your beautiful family. 
We love you guys. 

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

e + v

I am so blessed to have the girls I grew up with- still very much apart of my life. 

There are a few of them, and although we are all at a distance and busy with our grown-up lives today, 
we make an effort to see one another, and check in!

This girl is one of those few. 

And this handsome fella is her fiance. 

And I was asked to take some pictures of them. 

And, it made me very happy! 

Their little pooch " Hurley" joined in, and did perfectly. 

e +v
Thank You for allowing me to photograph you guys. 
You are a beautiful couple. 
I look forward to watching the two of you evolve and grow together. 
Lots of love. 


( thoughts on this grainy look?

This was apart of my Holiday Mini Session series for 2012.
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g family

I met Victor when Paul and I were just dating, back in 2003. 

I watched Victor from a distance, joining the military. Knowing he was deployed. Meeting Reyna, who he married and seeing them get pregnant and have one of the prettiest little girl's I've ever met. 

Its been really cool to watch Victor evolve. 
Fall in love with two sweet girls who have his whole heart. 

And, being asked to photograph them... 
I was stoked! 

Reyna, like Victor, is fun and outgoing. And their Miss Hailey-girl. 
She is a firecracker. 
She is my kind of girl through and through. 

G Family, 
I'm so honored to call you friends. 
The sacrifice you all make for our country to stay safe and free.... 
their will never be words to express our gratitude. 
The three of you are awesome. 
I can't wait to meet the one who will make you 'the fab four!'


This was apart of my series of Holiday Mini Sessions for 2012.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

s + n

I met Nicole when we were just little girls.

6 years old, to be exact.

Through the years, we've grown close, grown apart, grown close...

We've seen eachother in great times.
Happy ones, and sad ones too.

Coming close to 30
( we are only a few days apart... and yes, she is older! )
I think we both have realized how important friendship is.
Genuine, real, wonderful friendship.

She is a great friend, and we are lucky that our husbands like eachother just as much!

I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph them. 
And, as you see... 
My camera loved them!

s + n
Thank You for choosing met to photograph you. 
I'm so happy we have come together again. 
I've learned through the years, to hold on to those who are good. 
And you both, are great! 
Here is to 30+ more years of wonderful friendship!
Love you guys. 


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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

M Trio

If you aren't familiar with this blog, or with me, 
let me introduce to you one of my best friends in the world. 

Her name is Brianne, and her boys are Tyler and Jackson. 

We've been friends for a handful of years now, 
and each year that has come and gone... our friendship grows stronger. 
Seeing eachother through happy times, sad ones, and all the in between ones too. 

Our babies grow. Relationships come and go. 
Seasons change and we evolve as women, Mama's, friends, people. 

This girl, she is fabulous. And anyone who meets her would agree. 

I am so honored to call her my friend. 

Brianne, Ty Ty and Jackson J., 
I love you three with my whole heart. 
Thank You for letting me photograph you. 


This session was apart of my Holiday Mini Sessions for 2012
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Monday, November 12, 2012

B Family

I met the B Family through a fella who works with Paul. 
( I photographed their family... they are a few sessions back! ) 

This fella happens to be Kara's ( the beautiful Mama in pink ) brother. 

And they also happen to be very good friends, too. 

We've already talked about my nerves when putting friends and family in front my camera. 

But, this crew is cool, collected, and easy going. Their laughs are contagious and the love they have for eachother... I couldn't help but not be nervous.
 It was fun.
 It was a gorgeous setting ( in Newport, ) and ... 

here ya go! 

Kara, Mike, and kids, 
You all are just stunning. My camera loved each and every one of you. 
Thank You for choosing me to photograph your beautiful family. 
Love you guys!
 Can't wait for our next trip to the river!! 


This was a portrait session in Newport Beach, California. 
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