Friday, January 18, 2013

My Favorite Photo of 2012

I recently joined a Photographer's Forum called 
" Rock The Shot."

It is the first forum I've paid to be apart of... and I will tell you why! 

I fell in love with the story of the forum's founders, 
Karlen Kleinkopf and Laura Thomas. 
The forum's simplicity and easy accessibility to it's tutorials, conversation boards, and the welcome feeling everyone gives you, whether they've been a photographer for 20+ years or not, has been great.
The support. The everything about this site, is awesome for photographers.

Rock The Shot has challenged it's members to choose ONE image from 2012,
and submit it as their favorite.

Its taken me close to two weeks to narrow down my top three.

I wanted this image to represent me not only as a photographer,
but to represent the most important part of my life...
Being 'Mommy.'

2012 was a big year for me.
As a woman, as a wife, a Mommy, and of course, as a photographer.

This choice... was a big one.

This image tells the story of my journey in 2012.

You see, I went out with my babies on a warm March day with the hopes that I would take
pictures I wanted to use for my very first "Spring Mini Session" offer.

I found the perfect yellow dress for my Nannie,
 and blue checkered hat for Cole.

I brought bubbles and the vision I saw in my head...
I was determined to make it come to life through my lens.

It was the exact opposite. 

Cole and Savannah fought.

They didn't want to touch eachother.
But wanted to roll down the green, rolling hills!
( Yellow and grass stains aren't ideal, and wasn't what I envisioned! )

The bubbles didn't work...
Which lead to tears and stomping up and down with screaming demands...
    " I     WANT     BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

At one point, I sat there and cried.

Like a baby.
Like a pouting, three year old child!

The --tear filled-three year old like tantrum--
 continued for several minutes after.

My tears eventually cleared and I sat there and watched ...

My babies run, laugh, and chase one another.
Their deep, belly laughs made me giggle...

And then, I picked up my camera. 

( this is the submission for Rock The Shot's challenge. )

This was my lesson.

This was my discovery of allowing natural moments unfold... naturally. 

Because those... those genuine, caught in the moment, nothing but pure happiness-kind of moments,
are the best ones!

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Cheers to photography, Mommy-hood, and capturing great moments!

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