a little about sheena wilkins

I grew up in a very small house in Lomita, CA. I shared a room with my three sisters. If I could, I'd go back to that same house, with my parents and my sisters in a heartbeat. That old house was a wreck. It being nicknamed " the dungeon" describes it perfectly. The carpet was dirty, the tile was chipped, the front door creeked, and the backyard flooded every winter. But in that old, dirty carpet house, memories were made that are the very reason I'm the person that I am today!

I spent two months traveling between South Africa and Kenya in the summer of 2000.  I was able to see a lot of amazing things there... it was a beautiful chapter in my life. There have been times I close my eyes, and I can smell the air. Its a indescribable smell. The people, the sunsets, swimming in the Indian ocean, having no running water, dancing to their music.. all of these things made for a perfect, once in a lifetime kind of trip. The people I met and the experiences that were had were unbelievable. I dream of one day... someday -returning! 

I finished high school when I was 16 years old. I had plans to go to college early. I had a plan to be something great. To be extraordinary! My Dad was severely injured in August of 2000. By that Christmas I started working at a local grocery store to help support my family. My Mom had a heart attack at 42 years old. She died on my 22nd birthday. Because of that I am obsessed with being HEALTHY! I take up to 26 different vitamins a day. Living clean and taking care of myself and those that I love has truly become one of my many passions.

I married the love of my life in 2007. I was 23 years old. Paul is truly my bestfriend. My Mom always said to "make sure you marry someone you can be friends with, because at some point, somewhere along the way.. things will change. But if your friends, you can always fall back in love!" I think that was the very best advise I've gotten in my life so far!
We became parents on August 13th 2008. The very special being who made me " Mommy" was named Cole Michael Wilkins. Two years later, Savannah Marie entered our world and made our family of three, a family of four. She is specially named after my late sister, Savanna Lynn who passed away in 1998. Mommy-hood has been the greatest journey so far. Constantly learning as I go. There has never been a greater challenge, or a greater reward then being "Mama" to two of the most beautiful human beings I've ever met. 
I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in 2009. It was the answer to many questions and issues that I've had my whole life. One of them was gaining over 70 pounds with my son. Being in control of my weight has always been a challenge of mine, but more so since I've had my children. Its a constant battle, but one that I'm proud to say as of today.. I'm winning! I've lost 40 pounds since having my daughter, and went from a size 12 to a size 7.  6 if its a good day =)

My family is my foundation and my friends are backbone. I'm blessed to have a lot of " backbone!"
Three specifically are like sisters. Somewhere in the Bible it says that at some point in your life you will  have a friend that is closer to you then a brother. Well, I have three! One is a cousin, the other is the God-mother to my babies, and the third is the reason my arms are starting to have shape! These girls have seen me at my best and my very worse, and are still on my side! I'm incredibly lucky to have these beautiful souls in my life!

Picture Taking is one of my many passions. More specifically.. I love taking pictures of my babies. The sunset. On a good day, the sunrise =)  Moments that may have been forgotten if it wasn't on a 4x6. 

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. What you see is what you get, most of the time.  
Just a couple more random things about me.. hope you can keep up! ...
 I constantly change my hair. I am more secure with myself then I have ever been. I love music - all kinds. Except the screaming kind!! I love, love, love to dance. Especially when no one is looking!!! I love to cook. I'm constantly looking for new recipes. I have become better at it since widening my horizons! I am open minded, optimistic and opinionated. I respect people, and their opinions. I easily get offended when that is not reciprocated. God is my whole heart. I don't talk about it often, and many people don't know this about me. I have seen too many things in my life to deny his love and forgiveness. I am thankful, and committed to his everlasting love. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe people enter, and leave your life according to the will and road that is planned for you. I believe in true love. I believe that life is unfair, and sometimes things don't always go the way you plan, but that might be because there is a much bigger and better plan then the one you've planned for yourself!  I believe in failure. I believe in redemption and forgiveness. I believe in friendship. I believe in faith. I believe in unconditional love. I believe that there are good people in this world. I believe in new beginnings. I believe in music, and I believe that dancing is therapeutic.  I love to be inspired, and I hope to inspire.

~These are the things that inspire my writing.


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