sheena wilkins photography

I traveled to Africa when I was just sixteen years old.

I had a few friends growing up whose parents loved photography. I was always interested. Being able to literally freeze a moment is captivating.

Knowing this would be a trip of a lifetime, I tacked on a few extra dollars to my budget and goals of what needed to be saved/ earned, knowing I HAD to get a nice camera.

My very first camera was a Minolta 7000. He is the reason for every great photo I have to this day of that wonderful trip. Along with many other photos that are still some of my favorites!

I took a few classes at a community college.  All of which --I hated.
The only thing I remember is lighting. Lighting, lighting, lighting! And.. ' watch those shadows!'

The infatuation of this art rolled over into me having my babies and wanting to get the very best picture of every first. Every first smile. Every first step. Every moment I never wanted to forget.
 ( I have a lot of pictures!! =) )

My camera bag continues to grow. Starting with a Minolta 7000, moving on to a Nikon, and then Canon... I can say I am a 100% Cannon girl and its glass! As far as what takes a better picture? I say both makes are just as great as the other. You have to love the way your camera feels and its features.

I have so much to learn. This is a lifelong journey. The moment  I stop learning will be the time my pictures are stale and boring. And that will be the time I put my camera down.

For now my specialty is capturing a moment I want to keep forever!

"Taking little moments and making them last forever"
is my motto and what I will always strive toward.

What I want to be my specialty!!??

Capturing a moment you want to keep forever. 

The pregnant Mama and her beautiful belly.

Your very new baby!

You can see more of my work and get all the info you need at my website!